‘Mythbusters’ Take On ‘Star Trek’ And An Ear Wax Candle

MYTHBUSTERS will feature two special Monday night airings over the holidays — Monday, December 28 and Monday, January 4 at 9PM ET/PT.

In the Star Trek episode “Arena” Captain James T. Kirk is pitted in a trial by combat with a Gorn captain by the powerful Metrons to determine the fates of their respective ships. In using all his skills, both mental and physical, to survive his much stronger opponent, Kirk manages to construct a bazooka using bamboo and handmade gunpowder. For the next forty some-odd years many people, myself included, have wondered if such a thing is possible, given the resources Kirk had available. Now, the Mythbusters build team is setting out to tackle this sci-fi myth by seeing if that can replicate the dashing captain’s pre-MacGyver feat. On Monday, December 28, Tory, Grant and Jessi beam in a Gorn, make it mad and see if they can survive against it. Well, ok, not really, but they do elect Grant to take on the task of making the rudimentary weapon, with help from Jessi and Tory, and see if it would really take down the enemy.

The Mini Myth Mayhem continues as the team respond to more fan-requested fables. Adam and Jamie see what it takes to mail a coconut. Then it’s on to some sharp shooting as the guys explore whether it is possible to light a match with a bullet. Next up is the lead challenge: can you plunge your hands into molten lead and escape unharmed? The myths then take a campy turn, as Adam and Jamie test whether you will really wet the bed if your hand is placed in a bowl of water. The show wraps with a story the team unanimously describes as the grossest of all time, the earwax candle. Using the movie Shrek as inspiration, a fan wants to know if it’s possible to make a functioning flammable candle from earwax.

The things they do for science!