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Here’s what Shatner and EPIX have planned for Comic-Con:

At Comic-Con, William Shatner will show clips of his two new Epix Original documentaries and field Q & A from fans. Shatner will also expand his Comic-Con appearance through EPIX Live,epixhd.com’s online interactive feature, and by Tweeting from San Diego. EPIX Live, provides a true social TV experience. Viewers can submit and have questions answered in real time; interact, share and comment with one another; and broadcast their participation to their friends via integrations with Twitter and Facebook. The hour-long event will be open to the public and streamed live at www.EpixHD.com/event-theatre
William Shatner will talk about the original documentary he produced and directed, an in depth look at the actors who have played Star Trek Captains in the films and television shows. Avery Brooks, who played Captain Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, will join Shatner on a panel at Comic-Con moderated by Kevin Smith Friday, July 22, which will include exclusive clips and an audience Q&A.

Star Trek Phase II Crew Restores Original Trek Timeline

There are those that were not pleased with J. J. Abrams’ new Star Trek creating an alternate timeline and a new path ahead for the original Trek crew. While we thoroughly enjoyed the new film and have no problem with the new, lens-flare intensive universe, the video below made us laugh nonetheless. As a treat for this weekend’s FedCon XX in Germany, the folks behind the awesome web series Star Trek Phase II decided to take a page from the Looney Tunes rule book and make right what once went wrong. Check it out and then go check out the latest episodes of Star Trek Phase II!

‘Mythbusters’ Take On ‘Star Trek’ And An Ear Wax Candle

MYTHBUSTERS will feature two special Monday night airings over the holidays — Monday, December 28 and Monday, January 4 at 9PM ET/PT.

In the Star Trek episode “Arena” Captain James T. Kirk is pitted in a trial by combat with a Gorn captain by the powerful Metrons to determine the fates of their respective ships. In using all his skills, both mental and physical, to survive his much stronger opponent, Kirk manages to construct a bazooka using bamboo and handmade gunpowder. For the next forty some-odd years many people, myself included, have wondered if such a thing is possible, given the resources Kirk had available. Now, the Mythbusters build team is setting out to tackle this sci-fi myth by seeing if that can replicate the dashing captain’s pre-MacGyver feat. On Monday, December 28, Tory, Grant and Jessi beam in a Gorn, make it mad and see if they can survive against it. Well, ok, not really, but they do elect Grant to take on the task of making the rudimentary weapon, with help from Jessi and Tory, and see if it would really take down the enemy.

The Mini Myth Mayhem continues as the team respond to more fan-requested fables. Adam and Jamie see what it takes to mail a coconut. Then it’s on to some sharp shooting as the guys explore whether it is possible to light a match with a bullet. Next up is the lead challenge: can you plunge your hands into molten lead and escape unharmed? The myths then take a campy turn, as Adam and Jamie test whether you will really wet the bed if your hand is placed in a bowl of water. The show wraps with a story the team unanimously describes as the grossest of all time, the earwax candle. Using the movie Shrek as inspiration, a fan wants to know if it’s possible to make a functioning flammable candle from earwax.

The things they do for science!

DVDs With Dean – Release Date November 17th

This Week’s Tastiest Morsel
Star Trek (Two-Disc Digital Copy Edition)
The reboot of the Star Trek franchise was much better and more successful than I had imagined and they follow it up with a solid DVD launch. You can choose between the Two-Disc standard edition and a Three-Disc Blu-ray which has game demos on the extra third disc for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Included on the sets are deleted scenes which include a peek of the Klingons which will likely be in the next feature film.

Fresh Catches
Sacha Baron Cohen returns with a little less success and fanfare as he follows up Borat with another improv laden hoax on the public. The DVD has a bunch of deleted and extended scenes and a commentary with the star and director giving behind the scenes insight into the film.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Its A Very Sunny Christmas
This is a 60 minute special episode which is being released early on DVD to enjoy this holiday season, although this will likely be included in the 5th season set if you have been collecting them all.

The Limits of Control
Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers) enters the realm of crime thriller with an international cast including Gael Garcia Bernal, John Hurt, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, and Isaach De Bankole. His movies are usually a little talky, but I think this might be an interesting genre for him so I will check it out.

The director of the wild foreign film Oldboy takes on the tale of a priest who becomes a vampire after getting a blood transfusion. He naturally struggles with his new desires and this should make for another compelling story worth your time. And if you haven’t seen Oldboy check it out before the rumored Hollywood remake which will surely be weaker.

My Sister’s Keeper
Cameron Diaz stars in this film about a mother who has a special needs daughter who relies on the blood of her sister to survive, and the sister now wants to be freed from her life as a donor and live her own life. The DVD is nearly featureless.

Downhill Racer (The Criterion Collection)
Criterion has procured the rights to this early Robert Redford film where he plays a cocky professional downhill skier who’s coach (Gene Hackman) tries to reign him in.

Andy Barker, P.I.: The Complete Series
Conan’s returning sidekick, Andy Richter, had two stints in the sitcom world and this was his last effort which was cut short and until now unavailable on DVD. The set has some interesting and funny behind the scenes coverage with Richter, Conan, and his writing team including Jane Espenson (Buffy), and Jonathan Groff (How I Met Your Mother).

Dane Cook: ISolated INcident
This has Dane Cook toning down his more over-the-top antics for a more intimate set filmed at the Laugh Factory in L.A.

Double Dip DVDs
Gone with the Wind (70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition)
The re-issue has three new documentaries on the Two-Disc set or you can choose one of the epic Five-Disc sets with a limited edition case full of prints, programs, and the CD soundtrack. I recommend the big set because the artwork on the base Two-Disc DVD is terribly photoshopped work while the set has the classic artwork from the poster.

The Sopranos: The Complete Series
This is almost identical to the set released last year, but they cut out the soundtrack and the book. There are no new features so this is a strange re-issue less than a year later.

Rome: The Complete Series
This is another HBO reissue which unites the previously available sets into one new case.

Farscape: The Complete Series
All four seasons united with a ton of features including 29 commentaries, a bunch of documentaries and featurettes, and cast interviews.

Playmates’ ‘Star Trek’ Second Wave Due This Fall

Playmates has sent over preview images for the second wave of Star Trek toys heading to toy stores this Fall. The two Delta Vega monsters and the twelve inch Nero look particularly interesting. Check out all the preview images and then let us know what you plan on picking up over in our forums!

3.75 figures
These figures will allow you to complete the bridge and transporter sets with the Spring figures.

_61793_Kirk(off duty)_Fall09 (WinCE)

Kirk-Off Duty Uniform

_61764_GeneralAyel(action)_Fall09 (WinCE)

General Ayel

_61775_SuluSpace(action)_Fall09 (WinCE)

Sulu-Space Uniform

_61766_Spock(action)_Fall09 (WinCE)

Instructor Uniform

_61762_Sarek(action)Fall09 (WinCE)


_61767_Keenser_Fall09 (WinCE)


_61756_mccoy(action)_Fall09 (WinCE)

McCoy-Enterprise Uniform

_61765_Kirk_(action)Fall09 (WinCE)

Kirk-Cadet Uniform

_61758_Chekov(action)_Fall09 (WinCE)

Chekov-Enterprise Uniform

6 inch figures

61612_spock2_Fall09 (WinCE)

Instructor Uniform

61622_hengrauggi_Fall09 (WinCE)


61620_drakoulias_Fall09 (WinCE)


61614_kirk2_Fall09 (WinCE)

Kirk-Space Uniform

61603_McCoy2_Fall09 (WinCE)

McCoy-Enterprise Uniform

61604_chekov2_Fall09 (WinCE)

Chekov-Enterprise Uniform

12 inch figures

12inNero_Retouched copy (WinCE)


12Scottie (WinCE)

Scotty-Enterprise Uniform

Uhura copy (WinCE)

Uhuru-Enterprise Uniform

Starfleet Utility Belt
Roleplay as a member of Starfleet Command with the interactive Star Trek Utility Belt, which includes a Starfleet phaser and communicator.

Simulate action on the Starship Enterprise and on new planets by receiving commands from Starfleet and role play as Kirk or Spock.

As you receive electronic voice commands from Starfleet you will need to use your communicator and phaser to complete the missions. There are eight interactive missions with multiple endings for repeat play. There are also multiple challenges and obstacles with each mission. Do you have what it takes to be a member of Starfleet?

61887 v3 (WinCE)