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5 Disc TRON Legacy Combo Pack Full Of Greatness

Once again Disney has released an exceptional combo pack that delivers a film in unparalleled quality with just the right amount of bonus features to make this worth a purchase. TRON Legacy/TRON Classic Five Disc Combo may sound daunting and unwieldy, but it’s not. To help you out, we break it down for you disc by disc.

DISC ONE: TRON Legacy Blu-ray 3D Feature Film
This is the only disc I wasn’t able to check out as I do not have a 3D HD TV and 3D Blu-ray player, yet. However, Disney once again ups the ante by presenting a combo pack that includes the latest, cutting edge home video format along with previous digital formats. With this set you can literally watch the movie on any device you own.

DISC TWO: TRON Legacy Blu-ray Feature Film plus Bonus Features
This disc is the heart of the set and where most of the good stuff is. The centerpiece, of course, is TRON Legacy in HD and the film didn’t look and sound this awesome in the theater. The image is crisp and the sound is every where it should be. I’ve gone through the entire thing three times now and am still astounded at the quality. Your home theater system was made to have this film played on it, so prepare yourself for awesome.

Additionally, there are a host of Special Features that provide a whole lot of insight into the making of the movie and the journey taking it from an idea that sounded kind of cool to the screen. Everyone involved in the film speaks about their involvement and what it has meant to make a sequel to TRON. One of the coolest parts shows how they actually recorded the audience at the TRON Legacy panel at Comic-Con and used that for the crowd sounds during the game grid sequence at the beginning of the film. For three years the Comic-Con crowd supported this movie with only a teaser trailer to go by and the filmmakers showed their appreciation in spectacular fashion. There is a preview of next year’s TRON Uprising animated show as well as a fun Daft Punk music video.

Of course, the feature that everyone really wants to see is “The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed.” This takes place after the end of the film and gives not only snippets of what happened next, but a look at the history of the “Flynn Lives” movement and who was actually behind it. We also get the return of an actor from the first movie and the whole thing really feels like a set up for the next film, which I’m confident will happen. Oh, there’s also a hidden Easter Egg that gives us a look at who else may play a bigger role in the future. Initials are the key to this Easter Egg…

DISC THREE: TRON Legacy DVD Feature Film plus Bonus Features
This is the copy to take on the road to play in the car or take to a friends’ house. The film still looks pretty amazing on DVD, but you only get a couple of the Special Features. Still, great disc to take on the go.

DISC FOUR: TRON Legacy Digital Copy of Feature Film
Got a smart phone or digital device that plays videos? Use the included code to download a digital copy of TRON Legacy to take with you!

DISC FIVE: TRON Classic Blu-ray Feature Film plus Bonus Features
I’m amazed at how fatastic the original film looks in HD on Blu-ray. I have no idea what kind of work was done to clean this up, but it is definitely superior image and sound to the previously released DVD set. There is also a brand new features, “The TRON Phenomenon” that takes a look at the impact of the original film, especially on those that worked on the sequel. Also included are all the Special Features from the 20th Anniversary DVD set from a few years ago.

This is a superlative set for a very fun film and should be on your list to buy as soon as possible. This five disc set makes the most sense as it covers all the formats you currently own as well as the formats you are contemplating upgrading to.

Tron: Uprising Trailer Previews The Animated Series

It doesn’t air for another year, but Disney has released a trailer for it’s upcoming animated series Tron: Uprising. The 10-part series will be viewable on Disney XD and it is set between the two Tron films. That’s not all, the voicework is being done by the likes of Elijah Wood, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Mandy Moore, Paul Reubens, Nate Corddry, Lance Henriksen and, of course, Bruce Boxleitner as Tron. Check out the trailer and stay tuned to Pop Culture Zoo for more on Tron: Uprising in the coming months.

TRON & TRON: Legacy Go Blu April 5!

The Walt Disney Studios is proud to announce the release of its high-tech, action-packed adventure TRON: Legacy, available April 5th on multiple home entertainment platforms, including Blu-ray 3D™, Blu-ray™, DVD, Digital Copy, Movie Download and On-Demand. Also making its long-awaited Blu-ray debut on April 5th is TRON: The Original Classic Special Edition.

Sure to light-up fans this Spring, TRON: Legacy provides consumers with the ultimate Hi-Def Blu-ray experience with breathtaking 1080p visuals and superior 7.1 surround sounds that bring to life the visually stunning world of TRON. Taking you further behind the grid, are also in-depth bonus features on the making of the film (i.e., creating the futuristic vehicles and world of TRON, storyline mythologies, actors/characters and more) and the all-new Disney Second Screen interactive experience.

Disney Second Screen transforms the movie watching experience by allowing viewers to explore the story behind the film perfectly synched on a second device, like an iPad™ or laptop, without interrupting their enjoyment of the movie. By simply accessing the Disney Second Screen companion application on their Internet-connected device, consumers are able to dive deeper into the film by engaging with elements including 360-degree vehicle turnarounds, interactive progression reels, and more. Disney Second Screen directions and access codes can be found inside the Blu-ray Disc packaging. Audio synching is powered by TVPLUS.

The original motion picture score for TRON: Legacy, released by Walt Disney Records on December 7, 2010, was composed and produced by the iconic and critically acclaimed Grammy® Award–winning French duo Daft Punk. The album peaked at No. 4 on The Billboard 200 and was the highest charting score soundtrack in over a decade. Walt Disney Records will be releasing TRON: Legacy RECONFIGURED, an album featuring 14 remixes of the original motion picture score on April 5th.

Pre-order now in the following configurations:

Tron Sequel Honors The Legacy

The summer of 1982 was a big year for film with John Milius’ Conan the Barbarian, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, E.T. and Blade Runner all making waves and being much-discussed. Included in that lineup was a film from Disney called Tron, notable for being one of the first films to heavily use computer-generated imagery (CGI). Of all of these only one intrigued me enough to ask the question, “What happens next?” after viewing it and that was Tron. Over 28 years later I have finally gotten my answer and that is Tron: Legacy.

The beginning of the film does a great job of bridging the nearly 30 year gap between the two films, giving us the aftermath of the first film while setting up the central mystery of the second. Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) disappeared in 1989 leaving behind and orphaned son, Sam (Garrett Hedlund) and his computer company, ENCOM, to the hands of less reputable individuals. His good friend Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) is reduced to a consultant to ENCOM and can only watch as his friend’s company is exploited for money. In the present, Sam investigates a cryptic page supposedly from his father and ends up being digitized into the computer world. Once there, Sam learns that his father’s hacker program, Clu, has become a ruthless dictator and is in search of Flynn, who has been trapped in the digital realm for the last 21 years. Aided by Quorra (Olivia Wilde), Sam attempts to find the elder Flynn and get them both back to the real world.

There are a few things that I was disappointed with in this film and I’d like to address those first. There is a rich back-story that is revealed that I felt deserved its own film and would have liked to have seen even more fully fleshed out. I should note, however, the events leading up to Tron: Legacy were depicted in the Marvel Comics mini-series Tron: Betrayal. Also, there is a storyline with the character Tron that doesn’t really get resolved, in my opinion. Instead, it seems like a dangling thread held over for a possible third film. It should have been resolved in this film, however. Finally, a lot of the action, particularly with the game grid, happens in the first third of the film. While this echoes the first film and I personally don’t mind, I think this was a mistake on the part of the filmmakers. This is being marketed as an action film and today’s audiences expect excitement and awe every few seconds, so having so much of the computer action being front-loaded may turn off a lot of people.

I consider those all minor quibbles as I greatly enjoyed the entire film. Well-written and beautifully directed, Tron: Legacy has a lot going on and is the sequel I’ve been waiting for since 1982. There are some great nods to the first film (the recreation of Flynn’s Arcade, Dillinger’s son being a developer at ENCOM, and many more) and it is really terrific to see Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner as Flynn/Clu and Bradley/Tron, respectfully, once again. And complimenting the visuals perfectly is an outstanding soundtrack by Daft Punk. This will be a soundtrack you will want to seek out and own. Tron: Legacy picks up on the aftermath of the first film and expands and continues the story in new and interesting ways. Despite my misgivings about elements being leftover for another film, should this one be successful enough to warrant a third film, the fan-me won’t complain. Bring on Tron 3!

Pop Culture Zoo rates Tron: Legacy five bytes out of five. You should see it or be derezzed.