The MythBusters Encounter “Bubble Trouble”

“BUBBLE TROUBLE” Airs Wednesday, April 27 at 9:00 PM on Discovery

Here is a myth that I can easily list as busted: MythBusters is boring. This year’s episodes have been pretty epic and this one looks like it will continue that trend. This is a show our entire family watches together. I’m especially pleased that my son and I can be as equally excited about each new episode and both giggle in the same way at the extremes that the guys will go to in order to make busted myths actually happen. Here’s what to look forward to on this week’s episode:

Jamie and Adam eagerly investigate the tall tale that it’s impossible for a person to stay afloat in bubbly water. To test this buoyancy challenge, the duo creates a giant homemade bubble machine which they place in a swimming pool, while Adam decides to play the role of a human barometer. Meanwhile, Kari, Tory and Grant examine whether or not an arrow packed with dynamite can truly split a tree in two, as performed on the television series MacGyver. They test this myth by shooting multiple arrows packed with explosives into a multitude of trees, including small Christmas trees and a 100-foot tall Ponderosa pine.

A Supposition Sunk: Do bubbles affect water density and buoyancy? A small-scale experiment with a fish tank, “crude” hydrometer and “Little Adam” leaves both Adam and Jamie surprised.

“Bubble Trouble” Outtakes: Clearly, from these deleted scenes, Tory is a Shining fan, and Adam loves mobster movies and … synchronized swimming.

A Dy-no-mite Plan: From tree (pine) to bow (remote) to payload (binary), Kari, Grant and Tory lay out their plan to take on the viewer myth of the Dynamite Axe.