Playmates’ ‘Star Trek’ Second Wave Due This Fall

Playmates has sent over preview images for the second wave of Star Trek toys heading to toy stores this Fall. The two Delta Vega monsters and the twelve inch Nero look particularly interesting. Check out all the preview images and then let us know what you plan on picking up over in our forums!

3.75 figures
These figures will allow you to complete the bridge and transporter sets with the Spring figures.

_61793_Kirk(off duty)_Fall09 (WinCE)

Kirk-Off Duty Uniform

_61764_GeneralAyel(action)_Fall09 (WinCE)

General Ayel

_61775_SuluSpace(action)_Fall09 (WinCE)

Sulu-Space Uniform

_61766_Spock(action)_Fall09 (WinCE)

Instructor Uniform

_61762_Sarek(action)Fall09 (WinCE)


_61767_Keenser_Fall09 (WinCE)


_61756_mccoy(action)_Fall09 (WinCE)

McCoy-Enterprise Uniform

_61765_Kirk_(action)Fall09 (WinCE)

Kirk-Cadet Uniform

_61758_Chekov(action)_Fall09 (WinCE)

Chekov-Enterprise Uniform

6 inch figures

61612_spock2_Fall09 (WinCE)

Instructor Uniform

61622_hengrauggi_Fall09 (WinCE)


61620_drakoulias_Fall09 (WinCE)


61614_kirk2_Fall09 (WinCE)

Kirk-Space Uniform

61603_McCoy2_Fall09 (WinCE)

McCoy-Enterprise Uniform

61604_chekov2_Fall09 (WinCE)

Chekov-Enterprise Uniform

12 inch figures

12inNero_Retouched copy (WinCE)


12Scottie (WinCE)

Scotty-Enterprise Uniform

Uhura copy (WinCE)

Uhuru-Enterprise Uniform

Starfleet Utility Belt
Roleplay as a member of Starfleet Command with the interactive Star Trek Utility Belt, which includes a Starfleet phaser and communicator.

Simulate action on the Starship Enterprise and on new planets by receiving commands from Starfleet and role play as Kirk or Spock.

As you receive electronic voice commands from Starfleet you will need to use your communicator and phaser to complete the missions. There are eight interactive missions with multiple endings for repeat play. There are also multiple challenges and obstacles with each mission. Do you have what it takes to be a member of Starfleet?

61887 v3 (WinCE)