DVDs With Dean: Week Of March 15th

Vampire romance will lead the way in sales for sure, but I give my love to the original vampire film Nosferatu in the pick of the week. And after two weeks in a row of featuring a vampire related films as my pick (Let the Right One In last week) I am beginning to think I am a sucker for fangs. Pun intended.

Pick of the Week
Murnau Collection
This set of very early films from F.W. Murnau includes Faust, Nosferatu, The Last Laugh, Tartuffe, The Haunted Castle, and The Finances of the Great Duke. The set is actually pretty expensive especially since they are old enough to be in the public domain, but if you want to get your hands on the new restored versions and the new features including several lengthy documentaries grab this set up quickly.


The popular vampire love story gets a two disc release as the hype machine starts gearing up for the sequel (Oooh! Dakota Fanning is joining in). The set comes with three music videos and a seven part documentary on the adaptation process.

Punisher: War Zone
Thomas Jane was such a huge fan of the character that when he left the project I knew it had to be bad. I may check the film out eventually, but I have some serious doubts about its potential. If you are interested they made some quality featurettes and the two disc comes with a Digital copy.




The Tale of Despereaux
The animated film about a brave mouse that under whelmed at the box office is coming out with a large collection of features for kids ranging from games to a silly “making of” feature.

Sir Ben Kingsley and a band of Oscar favorites (Penelope Cruz, Peter Sarsgaard, Dennis Hopper, Patricia Clarkson) star in this drama about a career bachelor who finally becomes infatuated with a woman. I’ll let you guess which female from the list plays that part.

The Velveteen Rabbit
Another classic tale gets remade, this time the classic animated movie looks like it might have a few live-action scenes interlaced throughout.





TV and Reissues

The Robe
The first film ever released on Cinescope gets restored under Martin Scorcese’s supervision for a DVD release. If you didn’t see this classic tale about the Roman guard who won Christ’s robe gambling under the cross, and most if not all of you haven’t, you can watch it with commentary by noted film historians.