NYCC 2009: Matty Collector Panel

No major company has embraced the idea of a direct fan site like Mattel. Launching just summer, has grown by leaps and bounds and is now even adding new licenses.

The big news is Ghostbusters. Mattel plans a 6″ Movie Masters style line and a 12″ line with real clothing. Mattel is the first to capture the likeness rights of Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis and Hudson (NECA previously did a line with the monsters). Figures will be sale this summer with Slimer kicking it off in San Diego.

Much of the DC exclusives were covered in the earlier panel but fans got another look at the new Justice League Unlimited 4 packs and the Ultraman/ Alexander Luthor 2 pack.

He-Man was all the rage at this panel. Fans had gone nuts over the He-Man, Skeletor and Beast Man and couldn’t wait to learn what was next. What is next is:

Stratos April 15

Zodac May 15

Hordak June 15

Man-at-Arms July 15

Tri-Klops August 15

A special figure will be available for SDCC and Teela will be ready in 2010. Battle Cat and Panthor are also coming.