JMS on Brave and the Bold

Newsarama is reporting that Dan Didio has confirmed that J. Michael Straczynski will be the new writer on the Brave and the Bold following Mark Waid’s departure with issue #16 and a couple of issues by Marv Wolfman. The artist working with jms will be Jesus Saiz and their run will kick off in November. Check out the full conversation with Dan Didio over at Newsarama. We’ll have a chance to speak to Didio this weekend at the Emerald City ComiCon and will ask him about this and other pertinent DC news so keep an eye at for that. This is really great news as I’m excited to see what jms will do while playing in the DC sandbox. Working on this book will allow him to play with pretty much any and all of DC’s characters. He still has a second, unnamed DC book that he will be working on and, as both jms will also be at ECCC this weekend we will see what we can do to get more details. Stay tuned!