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Speed Racer Is Racing Back To Comics

I received the below image and information in my inbox earlier today and, well, I’m pretty excited about it. Speed Racer is one of my favorite animated series and I am looking forward to see the characters back in comic, especially with the talent listed on the image. Check it out and prepare for this high octane comic!

Speed Racer is returning to comics, with new stories by Len Wein (Human Target, Swamp Thing, X-Men, Wolverine), Tommy Yune (Robotech), Robby Musso (Transformers Spotlight), Lee Kohse, and James Rochelle.

The English adaptation of the classic Japanese manga and anime Mach Go Go Go is best known in the US from the 60s television series and the 2008 live-action film.

Recently, IDW produced a mini-series to coincide with the movie’s release. In the 1980s, NOW Comics created all-new comic book adventures.

However, it was the 1999 version by writer/artist Tommy Yune that was published by DC’s WildStorm imprint that inspired Warner Brothers to develop & produce the movie. This new series will be Mr. Yune’s first (non-Robotech related) comics work in over a decade!

No release date of the new series has been announced yet.