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‘Stargate: Atlantis’ Series Finale In January, Continues As TV Movie

In January “Stargate: Atlantis” will end its run on the SCI FI Channel after five successful seasons, but that does not mark the end of the adventures in the Pegasus Galaxy. The show will continue shortly after in what is hoped to be the first of many two hour Television Movies. One movie has already been greenlighted and will presumably resolve the already announced cliffhanger ending that now closes out the show. Below is the SCI FI press release concerning the movie and below that is our original story concerning the news.



New York, NY – August 21, 2008 – Building upon the successful Stargate franchise, SCI FI Channel today announced it has greenlit a two-hour movie based on the hit science fiction adventure series Stargate Atlantis. SCI FI will have the exclusive worldwide television premiere of the yet to be titled Stargate Atlantis film, which will then be released on DVD by MGM. The movie will be written by Stargate Atlantis’ executive producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, who also serve as series showrunners. The movie is set to follow the fifth and final season of Stargate Atlantis, as it draws to its thrilling conclusion in January 2009.

“We’re excited to tell Atlantis stories on a bigger canvas. The successes of the two original Stargate DTV movies The Ark of Truth and Continuum have shown us the opportunities that the movie format offers. We have plans for both SG-1 and Atlantis to remain vital as we expand the franchise, ” said Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper, co-creators of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis and who both currently serve as executive producers on Atlantis.

“We share in the producers’ enthusiasm to move forward in this direction and we look forward to a strong and continued relationship on Stargate Atlantis in this new format,” said Thomas Vitale, Senior Vice President Programming & Original Movies.

Stargate Atlantis follows the adventures of an intrepid team of military and civilian explorers who travel the distant Pegasus galaxy by means of a Stargate, a portal created long ago by a highly advanced alien civilization called the Ancients. In their never-ending quest to seek out other technologies left behind by the Ancients, the Atlantis team encounters alien cultures – some friend, some foe.

The series will reach a milestone with the 100th episode airing in January 2009. Atlantis is executive produced by Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Carl Binder, and Martin Gero. Mallozzi and Mullie share the reins as showrunners.”

ORIGINAL STORY (8/20 @ 7:50 PST):
According to Multicannel News “Stargate: Atlantis” will end its run as a regular series at the end of the current season in January. The article says that SCI FI has already greenlit a two hour TV Movie that will resolve the already planned cliffhanger at the end of this season and “Stargate” franchise will continue on the channel, presumably as the oft-mentioned new series, “Stargate Universe” and further “Atlantis” TV Movies. This comes as a big surprise and should be treated as a strong rumor until official word comes from SCI FI. We are attempting to get a confirmation or denial and will update the story as things progress.

[UPDATE] This is being widely reported now so I’m going to say it is no longer a rumor. We are still awaiting more details and will update accordingly.

[UPDATE] As elsye pointed out below, “Atlantis” producer Joe Mallozzi has confirmed the cancellation on his personal blog. He promises to reveal more tomorrow and we will update as need be.

SCI-FI Channel Haunts July With Premiers of ‘Scare Tactics’ and ‘Ghost Hunters International’

Beginning this week, fans of paranormal reality shows will be much happier with their Wednesday nights.  This week marks the premiere of two of the SCI-FI Channel’s ghoulishly popular shows, Ghost Hunters International and Scare Tactics.  How do these two shows stack up against other perennial summertime reality favorites like Amazing Race and The Mole?  Well, there really is not much of a comparison.  These two shows can’t be pigeonholed into the the ‘reality television’ genre as they fall more on within the SCI-FI realm of the fantastical.  Regardless, any way you look at it, ghostbusting twentysomethings and an unwitting assistant to the delivery of a devil child always makes for good television.  We caught a peek at the season premiers for both shows… read on for our reactions to these summer screamers from SCI-FI (hah!).

Scare Tactics:

This season marks the return of Scare Tactics to the SCI-FI channel.  The show, which features a hidden-camera premise, puts its ‘stars’ into situations which combine elements of Punk’d and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  An intriguing premise, I’ll admit.  Unfortunately, the new Scare Tactics, along with its new host Tracy Morgan offers more groans than shrieks.  Morgan introduces each prank with a combination of grim humor and wooden dialog so flat it would make the Crypt Keeper want to off himself… again.  The pranks themselves are pretty great, including one that involves a delivery room, a midget painted red and a very confused nurse-in-training.  However, the show’s clearly scripted nature gives little credence to the ‘reveal’, leading you to believe that the mark was in on the gag from the beginning.  Oh well, regardless of its missteps, I say that there is always room on television for a man being shoved in a wood-chipper.

Scare Tactics premiers Wednesday, July 9 at 10:00 PM ET/PT on the SCI-FI Channel

Ghost Hunters International:

Building on the success of their first paranormal series Ghost Hunters, SCI-FI went in search of spectres on a global scale.  GHI chronicles the journeys of a new team of investigators as they traverse the globe on a quest to debunk ghost sightings.  The premise doesn’t differ much from the original Ghost Hunters series but what really sells GHI is its elaborate locations.  In this season premiere the team travels to Larnach Castle, the only one of its kind in New Zealand.  There, they immerse themselves in the castle’s deep (and violent) history, hoping to learn more about the building’s former inhabitants.  Much of the episode relies on setup, preparation and more setup.  All of this is loosely tied together with a few mysteriously clattering dishes and some common-sense ‘debunking’ showmanship involving a hair dryer.  When the payoff finally comes, we are left with little more than a history lesson and some well-presented speculation.  A fun trip for sure, I just wish the destination wasn’t such a letdown.

Ghost Hunters International premiers Wednesday, July 9 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on the SCI-FI Channel