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So…What Happened?

Well, hello there! How are you? Me? Well, busy and…really absent from this sight. It’s been over three years since I’ve posted anything of real relevance here. There have been a number of reasons for that, first and foremost being other work, both writing and otherwise. I’ll have more on the writing side in later posts (provided I don’t neglect this site again, which is always possible), but for now I’m just trying out this blogging thing again. Flexing the muscles as it were.

If I’m being completely honest, being busy is only part of the reason I’ve been away so long. After six years of pouring everything I had into running Pop Culture Zoo and making an effort to make it into something real, it basically failed in a pretty spectacular fashion. That is a hard truth that has probably taken a long time for me to come to grips with. I renamed the site and had fully intended to make it more of a personal blog, but, as has been evident, that didn’t really go to plan.

So, here I am, once again making a go of it. I have no idea what I will write about, other than talking about the various projects I have coming out and possibly posting some excerpts for other things I have in progress. We’ll see. For now, even just this one post feels good to write and I think regular blogging will help with regularly writing in other areas. Practice is a good thing. Welcome back again to What Joe Writes!

CONTEST: Win A Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen T-Shirt And Get Published On PCZ!

Pop Culture Zoo is pleased to partner with Syfy to bring you an opportunity to win a Quantum Kitchen branded T-Shirt. Not only that, you also have a chance to get published on Pop Culture Zoo! For your chance to win tune-in this week of next week to Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen (Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on Syfy) and then email us a review of either episode. We will pick our favorite review to publish and that person will also win the T-Shirt.

The only guidelines are that you be original and inventive with your review and don’t take too long as this contest ends on April 15 at 11:59 PDT. To get you started we have a preview of tonight’s episode for you:

ZOMG! Win Free ‘Twilight’ Swag!


We here at Pop Culture Zoo like to do our part to promote the fervor and anticipation for vampire films.  Heck, I can remember standing in line in the bitter northwest rain for a midnight screening of Lugosi’s Dracula.  It is only fitting then that we reward the brooding and frenzied droves of vampire fans with a bevy of swag from Twilight, the upcoming film adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s novel about teenage vamp-love.

The Challenge: To claim a share of this Transylvanian treasure, send us your list of the Top Five Film Vampires of All Time.  Do you prefer Tom Cruise’s Lestat over Gary Oldman’s Dracula? Let us know by picking five onscreen vamps and rank them in order of their bloodsucking-greatness.  Make sure you include reasons how you picked and ranked your favorite creatures of the night.

The Prize: We’ll reward the three most creative and amusing lists with an official Twilight movie poster (27″ x 4’0″ double-sided) and promo book.  Five runners-up will get a Twilight mini-poster.

How to Enter: Email your entries to PCZ at this address (clicky) with the subject line ‘I HEART VAMPIRES’.  Be sure to include your name and a mailing address where you can receive your prize.  Deadline is Friday, November 21 at midnight PDT.

Fall Preview: Video Games

For the third episode of our Fall Preview Podcast Series, we turn our attention to the wonderful world of video games. From Xbox 360 to the Wii, we break down everything cool headed to your console over the next two months. This time around Bob, Dan and Ian are joined by two game experts… Hugh Fournier and Jenny Moe. Both accomplished games writers for PCZ, Hugh and Jenny come armed with all the facts and release dates for some of their most anticipated titles… and perhaps even a little credibility to this lowly podcast!


Don’t miss out on the entire Pop Culture Zoo Fall Preview podcast series!! Click here to listen to Episode 1 (movies) or here for Episode 2 (television).