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Under The Radar 08: The League

Everyone has a friend or a group of friends who they share common interests with. Some people love video games, art, music or, in the case of The League, football. More specifically it’s fantasy football that they share a common interest in which can sometimes be to a very extreme degree. Made up of married couple Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi) & Jenny (Katie Aselton) MacArthur, Kevin’s stoner brother Taco (Jon Lajoie), their lawyer friend Rodney Ruxin (Nick Kroll), 3x League champion Pete Eckhart (Mark Duplass) and Andre Nowzik (Paul Scheer), the rich plastic surgeon who also happens to be a little more socially inept then the other members of the League. Like all fans of any genre or topic, the guys (and girl) often find themselves taking their weekly line ups, planning, trades, and games to levels no sane person would ever think of. Whether it be Pete calling Terry Bradshaw pretending to be his Uncle for game tips or Kevin and Ruxin trading players for years off a client’s prison sentence, these guys will stop at nothing to secure their victory and bring themselves closer to winning the League championship, “The Shiva.”

Season one of the FX channel comedy (which is currently available on DVD/Blu Ray & Netflix Instant) has some moments that will have you rolling around the floor, holding your sides and laughing uncontrollably. Including what has to be the most ridiculous parody of a children’s learning icon ever created who is named Mr. McGibblets. With bright purple fur and a tuft of green hair, Mr. MicGibblets is the bane of Kevin’s existence as his daughter Ellie constantly makes the doll dance and sing. One day he decides to hire his brother Taco to dress up as Mr. McGibblets and scare Ellie out of her love for the character. But when Mr. McTaco shows up with meat cleaver in hand he finds that Ellie isn’t scared at all and is prepared to give her idol gifts. So when Taco leaves with a sack full of items from his brother’s house, the police wind up tailing him in a low speed chase. If you’ve never seen a man in giant fuzzy purple feet run, this scene alone is worth watching.

The DVD itself is packed with extras, so if you watch it on Netflix and enjoy it, go ahead and spend the cash to pick it up. Extras include extended versions of Taco’s “Birthday Song” for Ellie and the “Vaginal Hubris” song, bloopers, along with uncensored and extended episodes. There are also several commercials and infomercials for things from the show, like “Three Penis Wine” which Taco claims increases sexual virility, the “Legalize Kevin’s Pubic Smoke” after the time the guys all got Andre “high”, and the best 8 minutes you’ll ever witness in “Mr. McGibblets Fun House and Dojo.” As a guy who hasn’t watched a single game of football in years, take it from me, you don’t have to be a fan of football to enjoy The League. So sit back, grab a couple of beers, and relax with your own League of friends.