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Get Wendy & Lisa’s ‘Nurse Jackie’ Score NOW!

What better way to bring in the Ides of March than by listening to some new music by Wendy & Lisa? Sure, you could participate in the annual toga run in Rome, but wouldn’t it be that much more fun to have the new Nurse Jackie score on your favorite portable music device? Showtime is releasing the first season score by the musical dynamic duo on March 2nd. If you can’t wait that long (Wendy & Lisa music is MUST HAVE music after all) Showtime is offering all the tracks as a download on their website right now. The CD and download are both more than reasonably priced, in fact you can pick up both for around the same price as a new CD at the store. The music that Lisa Coleman and Wendy Melvoin have composed for Nurse Jackie is funkier and more playful than their compositions for two of my favorite TV soundtracks, Heroes and Carniv├ále, and handily continues the creative high from their 2008 album White Flags of Winter Chimneys. To give you an idea of what awaits you on this new disc of audio joy, check out the Nurse Jackie title sequence below.