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The Whitest Kids U’Know – The Latest News

So, yeah, let me go ahead and say if you aren’t 18, you might want to move along to another article. Just saying. Ok, those of you that are still here, you really should check out The Whitest Kids U’Know. Airing Tuesdays at 10:00 Eastern on IFC, this sketch comedy show is really, very wrong, but in the most hilarious ways imaginable. Think a heavy dose of Monty Python irreverence with a large dollop of South Park insanity and you still aren’t quite as out there as this show gets. IFC also affords no commercial interruptions as well as no censoring, so be prepared. And, not only has the whole troupe just finished a live stage tour, you can also catch part of them on the silver screen as the film Miss March is written by, directed by and starring two of the Whitest Kids, Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger. The video below is just a taste (pardon the pun, or, actually, don’t) of the deceptively tasteless humor you will run into watching this show. Below the video check out the details on how to enter the win the complete and uncensored first season of The Whitest Kids U’Know. Enjoy!