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Spider-Man 4: Hopes of Redemption

Comingsoon.net is reporting that while Sam Raimi, nor any of the cast have been signed to the project, Sony did renew the film rights with Marvel. Reportedly James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) has been tapped to write the script and a release date has been set for May 2011.

Interestingly, Sony has tentatively set Spidey’s release date to concur with Marvel’s tentative release date for The First Avenger: Captain America setting the stage for two Marvel heroes to fight it out at the box office. When considering the fact that Cap’s release date has been public knowledge for some time now, it begs the question what the rational is behind Sony’s decision.

Despite how many fans feel about Spiderman’s last installment, Sony is swinging a big club. The worldwide box office take for the three movies was $2.496 billion. Opposite that, you have the already building anticipation for Captain America, coupled with Marvel’s unparalleled ability for crossover marketing. When you bring all these factors together you have the makings for cinematic Ragnarok.

Wolverine Wraps

Australia – X-Men Origins: Wolverine has wrapped up principle photography and now moves onto shooting a couple of weeks of pickups, IESB.net reported on Friday.

Directed by Gavin Hood (director of the Academy award winner for best foreign film “Totsi”. Or, if you missed that, you might have seen him as Colonel Alexi Vaselov, the Russian who intensionally carried the disembodied Anubis into Stargate Command during the “Lockdown” episode of Stargate SG-1) the movie will star Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Logan from the “X-Men” films.

The story, written by David Benioff (“25th Hour” and “Troy”), will follow Wolverine from his mysterious origins through his early exploits.

“Tonally, I would put it more in the ‘Batman Begins’ sort of realm. That’s sort of where we’re headed.” Jackman told MTV

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is currently slated for a May 1, 2009 release.

ECCC ’08: A Report From the ‘Mondo Marvel’ Panel

Marvel Comics brought a few familiar faces to Seattle with their ‘Mondo Marvel’ panel at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con. Members of the current Marvel brain trust in attendance were Ed Brubaker (Captain America), Skottie Young (Cable & Deadpool), Robert Kirkman (Ultimate X-Men) and Jeff Parker (Agents of Atlas). The panel was moderated by Jennfier Grunwald, an associate editor with Marvel. This rambunctious group of comic gurus spent close to an hour trading barbs, sharing stories and fielding questions from a roomful of fans.

Robert Kirkman will be reviving the Golden Age character (and one of Stan Lee’s first creations), Destroyer for a five issue series under the Marvel Max line. The series, which does not currently have a release date, will begin with Destroyer learning that he has been diagnosed with a terminal disease and has only five days to live. The series will document these final five days as Destroyer embarks on a vendetta to kill all of his enemies before he dies. Artwork will be provided by Corey Walker (Invincible). Kirkman also squashed the rumors of a possible new Marvel crossover with his Image Comics creation ‘Invincible’. There is nothing new planned for a future crossover but he did mention that he would be open to one in the future if Marvel is on board.

Ed Brubaker spoke a bit about the decision to kill off Steve Rogers as a culmination of the ‘Civil War’ event. According to Brubaker, the death of Rogers was always one of the options that Marvel looked at when addressing the character. However, when faced with the choice of either forcing Cap into retirement, sending him to jail or killing him off, Brubaker felt that the latter (and ultimate) choice was the best one. “We wanted America to find Cap, and this seemed like the best way” he noted. According to Brubaker, the new Captain America (Bucky Barnes) will make an appearance in the current ‘Secret Invasion’ story arc. Not much information was shared, but Ed did tell fans that “There will be play… but not forced play.”

Not much new Marvel information was revealed at the panel as most of the 50 minutes was spent with the creators heckling each other and making fun of Skrulls. However, here are a few additional highlights from today’s ECCC ‘Mondo Marvel’ panel:

  • Skottie Young addressed his involvement with the upcoming Marvel version of The Wizard of Oz, saying that it will be a faithful adaptation of the novel.
  • When asked if the Ultimate Universe would be ending, all panel participants responded with a resounding “No!”
  • Jeff Parker hinted that characters from his ‘Agents of Atlas’ book would be making an appearance in ‘Secret Invasion’.
  • Ed Brubaker made the somewhat-ambiguous statement that he would like to see Uncanny X-Men “Put out a little more often.”

Towards the end of the panel, a fan asked the creators which Marvel character they would want a chance at writing. Ed Brubaker lamented that one of the characters he’d like a shot at is Destroyer, but Robert Kirkman already beat him to it. Brubaker also mentioned that he would love a chance at writing Patriot. Kirkman put Sleepwalker (for a second time) and Darkhawk on his list while Skottie Young said that Chamber from Gen X would be his pick. Jeff Parker rounded out the conversation by hinting that he is currently working on a project involving a character he has always wanted to write… though he couldn’t elaborate with any details.

Stay tuned to Pop Culture Zoo as we bring you more live coverage of this year’s Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington.

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‘Iron Man’ Doesn’t Suck!

Our friends over at Geek In the City have an advance (and spoiler free) review of Iron Man posted. According head geek Aaron Duran, the film is “Marvel’s best foray into film since Spider-Man 2.” A sound endorsement indeed!

Considering that Iron Man presently has a 94% Freshness rating over at Rotten Tomatoes, you can feel assured that you’ll be making the correct choice in seeking out this flick when it hits theaters on May 2nd.

Read the original review over at GeekInTheCity.com.

After three months of waiting… HULK SMASH!

Ya know what? I dig this trailer. I’ll admit that both the Hulk and Abomination look CGI-ey, but damned if I wasn’t grinning during the last 40 seconds of this trailer. Maybe its because I’m hoping for a film that will wash out the bad taste that Ang Lee left in my mouth. I’m just giddy to see the big green lug back in theaters. Abomination looks cool, if even a bit like Hyde from that miserable ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ flick. That said, I have a hard time believing that Tim Roth will do anything but make this character kick ass.

If the embedded video below doesn’t work on your computer, you can watch the trailer HERE and HERE.

Here are a few screenshots from the trailer. What do you think? Discuss the new Hulk trailer in our Lounge!