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Kotobukiya Teases ‘Chopsabers’

Last week, a potential new weapon for tuna roll conquest was unveiled via Rebelscum and Gizmodo.  Photos taken at the Star Wars Celebration Japan showed off some amazing items… including the Chopsabers!  These chopstick-lightsabers were on display at Kotobukiya’s booth and caused quite a ruckus among the legions of fans who demanded to know where and when they could purchase a set of their own.

We contacted the good folks at Kotobukiya to obtain details about the production and availability of these amazing items.  We were told by Koto that “Plans for the CHOPSABERS are not official.”  Furthermore, Koto would like to know how interested fans are in obtaining these items and what a reasonable price point might be.

So, here is your chance!  Do you want a set of Chopsabers of your own so that you may epically battle your chow mein?  How much would you pay for a set of these tools of dim sum destruction?  Which lightsabers do you want as chopsticks? Let Kotobukiya know by commenting below this post or dropping a note in our Lounge!

Image courtesy of Rebelscum.com