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Natalie Portman & Chris Hemsworth Light Up New Thor Trailer

I like this trailer a lot as it gives us a bigger look at the human and earthly elements from the upcoming God of Thunder flick. Not that I’m worried that Kenneth Branagh will have any problem with the emotional element, it’s just that all of the looks so far played up the Asgardian perspective. May 6 is not that far away!

Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Thor’?

According to Variety Kenneth Branagh is in talks to helm Marvel Studios big screen version of Thor.  The script by Mark Protosevich is keeping to the core of the character as it focuses on Donald Blake, a disabled medical student, whose alter-ego is the eponymous thunder god. Branagh is certainly no stranger to telling mythic tales as he has previously shepherded theatrical versions of several of William Shakespeare’s plays, as well as Henry V, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and The Magic Flute. Marvel has been very smart with their choice of directors for their last few films and you really can’t do a whole lot better than Branagh. I’m just wondering if he’ll wind up casting himself as Donald Blake as he’s starred in all but three of the films he’s directed so far. Regardless, this should be a terrific film and I really think Marvel has it nailed as far as super-hero movies (apart from the awful CGI of The Incredible Hulk) and I really look forward to the Avengers team-up film.

Stay tuned as we currently have emails and calls out to get you more info on Thor!