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Po And The Furious Five Celebrate Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special

KUNG FU PANDA HOLIDAY SPECIAL Airs Wednesday, November 24 at 8:30 PM on NBC

Po’s (voiced by Jack Black) favorite holiday is Winter Feast. Every year, Po and his father hang decorations, cook together and serve noodle soup to the villagers. But this year Shifu (voiced by Dustin Hoffman) informs Po that as Dragon Warrior, it is his duty to host the formal Winter Feast at the Jade Palace. Po is caught between his obligations as the Dragon Warrior and his family traditions.

Super Bowl XLIII Film Ads!

I know I’m in a distinct minority here, but the only thing that interests me about the Super Bowl each year is the advertisements, and usually only the ones promoting the latest films and TV shows. Thanks to the wonder that is the Internet, I don’t even need to endure the game anymore. In that spirit we will be adding the latest Film and TV ads to this article all through the weekend and probably into Monday and Tuesday, so keep checking back often. Also, look for further commentary on the ads once they’re all up.

[UPDATED] – The film ads will now be contained here. If there are any good ones for TV shows, we will add a second article.

First up is the new teaser for G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Enjoy!


Here’s the teaser for Land of the Lost!


Race to Witch Mountain


Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3-D! Put on your 3-D glasses now!


Fast and Furious for your viewing pleasure!


Two for Up!




Jack Black in Year One!


Angels & Demons:




Podcast: Review of ‘Tropic Thunder’

Behold!  The first episode of Pop Culture Zoo’s film review podcast!  We have gathered together in the Garage of Doom to discuss the merits of Ben Stiller, Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. in the action/comedy Tropic Thunder.  In our explicit and semi-drunken revelry, we review what may be the ultimate Hollywood lampoon in this latest flick from director Ben Stiller. Join Dan, Bob, Ian and Ryan’s Notes as we dissect everything about this movie, from Booty Sweat to Nick Nolte.

Listen and bare witness to the glory of this Pop Culture Zoo podcast! Also, much like the film itself, this podcast is quite explicit. Sensitive ears be warned!