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The Joker Returns to The Dark Knight ARG

2ND UPDATE – 4/1

Well, the game is over. 28 ‘packages’ were found across the globe that included an engraved bowling ball, Joker playing card and a pre-paid cell phone. There was one in Portland, OR (home of PCZ HQ) but SoniaTheRed, our intrepid Publicity Dominatrix was thwarted from claiming it by what appears to be an inside job.

Here’s a pic of one of the London, England ‘Joker Balls’ (courtesy of the official Batman ARG Wiki)

Once all 28 balls were recovered, fans were pointed to a new website (www.acmesecuritysystems.com/delos) where they were prompted for a name, phone number and email address. When entered, the given phone number would ring and would eventually reveal that the entire day’s events were an elaborate sting operation, courtesy of Jim Gordan and the Gotham PD!

What’s next for The Dark Knight ARG? Stay tuned to PCZ for all the breaking news as it happens!


A new game is afoot! At precisely 6:00 AM PST, clowntravelagency.com was updated with a list of 28 cities. Instructions on the site state that a package is being held at each of the locations, with actual addresses being posted every hour so far. According to reports, the package includes a leather bag, bowling ball and an evidence bag containing a new Joker cell phone. Once the cell phone is activated, the city’s listing on the site receives a passport stamp.

We will update this story with pics of the package once they are received.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to clowntravelagency.com!!!

UPDATE – 3/30

What’s in the case?

After a flurry of activity today, fans tracking The Dark Knight viral marketing campaign were rewarded with the promise of a new element of the game… to launch on April Fools Day!

Early this morning, 17 of the Joker cake cell phones (included the one currently residing at PCZ HQ) began ringing. The voice on the other end of the line told the ‘clowns’ that they had been narrowed down to 17 (from the original 22 phones that were scattered throughout the US) and that we were assigned a letter to ‘share with the rest of the clowns’.

As fans scurried to determine what the letters meant, reports were filed by the rest of the Joker phone holders. Each phone-holder received a letter and when all 17 letters were finally placed in the correct order, a new website was unveiled:


In addition to the Joker’s return, Harvey Dent contacted supporters via phone and his website to address the ‘slanderous charges’ that have been made against Dent by a new group. This led to a host of new in-game websites that feature additional phone numbers to call and email addresses to contact.

Josephcandoloro.com – Joseph Candolro is a lawyer and founder of ‘Concerned Citizens for a Better Gotham’

Trustgarcetti.com – Roger Garcetti is running against Harvey Dent for Gotham City District Attourney

So, now the waiting continues. The envelope on the Clown Travel Agency clearly states a ‘departure date’ of 4/1. What will April Fools Day bring? A new challenge that will send fans scurrying across the country for more clues? Stay tuned to Pop Culture Zoo as we provide extensive coverage of this next chapter in The Dark Knight viral campaign!

For a complete rundown of new and updated in-game websites, check The Dark Knight ARG Wiki.

Original Story – 3/27

After what seems like an eon of waiting, today Batman fans were treated to a flood of new content for The Dark Knight ARG (Alternate Reality Game). The game, a viral marketing campaign for the upcoming Batman film, had appeared to be on a quasi-hiatus after the tragic passing of Heath Ledger, who portrays the the Joker in the film.

The game had originally appeared to be Joker-centric, involving a number of tasks (both online and real-world) that sent fans scurrying about and ‘auditioning’ to be in the villain’s gang. The culmination of this was an epic challenge early last December that involved the recovery of 22 specially baked cakes scattered across the country. The lucky few who were able to retrieve one of these cakes received a cell phone (hidden inside the cake) for their troubles. After the phone was activated, the ‘clown’ was told to await further instructions.

Fast forward three months…

Now, after a cross-country tour involving faux campaign rallys for Harvey Dent’s impending bid as Gotham City’s District Attourney, the Joker appears to have returned. This morning, all 22 Joker phones received the following text message…

“Hey clown! Long time, no crime spree! Well, put on your floppy shoes and answer this question: are you ready to get to work? (ReplyY/N)”

After sending a reply of YES and waiting a few minutes, another message followed…

“Glad to see you’re still alive and kicking. I’ll be in touch before Poisson d’Avril.”

So, April Fools Day certainly seems appropriate timing. Pop Culture Zoo is lucky enough to have in our posesion one of the 22 Joker cell phones, so we will be updating the site will all developments as Mr. J’s plans unfold next week!

Other developments discovered by fans today:

If that isn’t enough, Harvey Dent was also in touch with fans via email, announcing that he had made his decision to run for Gotham City District Attourney…

(from email)
We did it! Harvey Dent has officially announced he’s running for Gotham District Attorney! And it’s all because of you — your support.

Your rallies, your petition drives, your videos, your enthusiasm. The Dentmobile brought our message of change for Gotham City to every neighborhood. But it was your energy that brought a message of support to Harvey Dent himself.

And he heard you. Harvey Dent heard the fierce desire all of you have for change in Gotham. And that’s why, today, Harvey Dent announced that he’s running for Gotham DA.

Now, the real battle begins. We all must join together to make sure that Harvey Dent gets the chance to take back Gotham City from crime and corruption.

Talk to your neighbors, your friends, your coworkers. Tell them why Harvey Dent is the one man who can save Gotham.

And keep on checking www.ibelieveinharveydent.com for news of the race.

Harvey Dent thanks you all. With your help, we can take back Gotham.


Allan Cypes
Media Manager, Harvey Dent for Gotham DA

Want to learn more about how to get involved with The Dark Knight ARG? Check out this wiki, which has an extremely well-organized rundown of all developments within the game.

Let us know what new sites & clues you find by adding a post to our Lounge

Does Portland Believe In Harvey Dent?

The ‘Dentmobile’ heads to PDX to rally support for Harvey’s bid for Gotham District Attourney…

The viral marketing campaign for the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight rolls on. The campaign, part viral-marketing and part ARG (Alternate Reality Game) has lead fans on a series of elaborate clue hunts, both on the internet and in the real world. The latest chapter in The Dark Knight ARG is centered on on Harvey Dent, a character known to comic fans as Gotham’s embattled District Attorney and eventually the villain ‘Two Face’. The upcoming Batman film is rumored to feature Dent’s rise to power as Gotham’s D.A., as well as his eventual downfall at the hands of the mob.

The Harvey Dent Election Campaign rolled into the Rose City today, making three stops in downtown Portland, OR. The morning started out slow, with only a few attendees at the first stop at Waterfront Park. SoniaTheRed, our intrepid Publicity Dominatrix, did her best spread the word by gathering new recruits and helping to pass out campaign materials. The festivities came to an abrupt end when a pair of security guards for a local business told the crowd that they needed to move along. Clearly, they were uninformed as to Mr. Dent’s importance and his potential impact on cleaning up Gotham City. We gave them a sticker and headed onto the next stop…

The Dentmobile’s second PDX stop at Pioneer Courthouse Square was scheduled to start around 1:00PM and by 12:30, a small group of Dent supporters had already started gathering. We waited patiently in the rain and by 1:30 there was a good size crowd eagerly waving banners and voicing their support. As a growing police presence (ok, a security guard and one cop, but still…) eyed us warily, the Dent campaign truck was spied just down the street. We waved our banners to let them know we were eagerly waiting for them. The reason for their tardiness was because the Dentmobile had broken down at the first stop that day. There were rumors that this mechanical failure was caused by ‘a bunch of misfits in clown masks’. But the Dent campaign rolls on and the crowd welcomed the new truck with cheers as it parked across the street. After passing out a liberal amount of t-shirts, buttons, stickers and banners, the campaign organizers lead us on a support march around the block. We shouted and chanted our support and faith in Harvey Dent and let everyone know that crime and corruption was at an end in Gotham City. We tried to organize a rally in the heart of the Courthouse Square, but local law enforcement informed us that we would not be allowed to do so. Were these the ‘corrupt cops’ that Harvey had warned us about? We took a group photo and the Dentmobile moved on to prepare for their final Portland stop at OMSI.

For the final Portland campaign stop, the Dent organizers needed something to show our fair city that Harvey needs its support. So, a small band of Harvey backers paraded through the OMSI front lot and made their way onto the Hawthorne Bridge. There, we sang fight songs, encouraged support from oncoming cars and made certain that Portlanders wouldn’t soon forget that Harvey Dent’s goal of ridding Gotham City of corruption. At the end of the day, we collected a few remaining campaign materials and trudged back to our separate corners of the Portland-metro area, confident that Harvey would be proud of our efforts!

We have photos from all three Portland stops of the Dentmobile over on our official photo gallery.

Want to learn more about The Dark Knight ARG? Visit the official Batman ARG wiki, which has a thorough rundown on everything that has occurred so far.

Got any photos or stories from the Dentmobile that you’d like to share? Head on over to our Lounge…

UPDATED 3/7! Do YOU believe in Harvey Dent?

Update 3/7@11:00 PM PST (by averagejoe)

Did all of you who’ve registered at the Harvey Dent website get your phone call today?  The one and only Harvey Dent is calling on all of us to help him in saving Gotham City!  Please feel free to let us know you’ve heard the call in our lounge. We’ll also be looking for your reports about the Dentmobile if it visits your town.

Update 3/7 @ 3:00 PM PST

Well, its that time folks. The site (ibelieveinharveydent.com) has been updated with all manner of opportunities to allow you to immerse yourself in Harvey’s bid for Gotham District Attorney. Click on the ‘What To Do’ button for a few examples, but be prepared to spread the Word of Harvey to your hometown. There are banners and posters to download at the moment with promises of more to come. There’s even a Dentmobile that will be making its way around the country! It looks like Portland, OR will be one of its stops, so you can bet yer bottom double-sided dollar coin that PCZ will be there when it arrives!

~original post~

When Heath Ledger tragically passed away in January, fans were skeptic as to whether Warner Brothers and 42 Entertainment would continue their Joker-centric viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight. The ARG (Alternate Reality Game) had Bat-Fans scurrying around both the interwebs and their home towns searching for clues and solving puzzles left by Mr J. In light of Ledger’s passing, it only made sense that the marketing would shift its focus to another character. Or, maybe that was just ‘all part of the plan’?

Enter the site ibelieveinharveydent.com. This site isn’t unknown to players of the Dark Knight ARG. Originally launched last summer, this page was the catalyst to the eventual first look of Ledger as the Joker. Since then, it has remained as a largely dormant campaign advertisement for Harvey Dent’s bid for Gotham District Attorney. Of course, that all changed last Friday when the site received an update.

The site now claims that ‘We have the power to change Gotham City. Soon you’ll find out how’. It has been updated with fields allowing you to submit your email address and phone number (which is optional). Once submitted, you receive an email asking to confirm your address and saying that something will happen ‘in a few days’.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the fight to take back Gotham City!


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