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The first Dungeon Master passes away

dungeonmasterguide4cover.jpgI admit I haven’t played Dungeon & Dragons in years and I was never really into it for very long when I was a kid. I discovered it only through my interest in the miniatures and devoted most of my spare time to reading comics back when all my friends would play for hours on end. However, there is no denying the impact that D&D has had on our culture, especially our entertainment. There is also no denying that D&D would never had existed if it hadn’t been for the love of gaming that Gary Gygax had. Right up until the end he was an avid player of the RPG, a gaming genre that would not have existed had Gary not invented it. There will be more eloquent words said about him in the coming days by those more familiar with him and D&D than I, but I just wanted to acknowledge his passing as well as his legacy. Thank you, Gary and good night.

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