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ECCC2011: The Con In Pictures

If you missed out on the nerdy madness of this year’s Emerald City Comicon, PCZ has got you covered.

As usual, the Seattle’s annual convention was a tasty pop-culture sundae, with two scoops of amazing comic talent, topped off with film-and-television’s geekiest stars, sprinkled with awesome cosplayers.

Check out PCZ’s snapshots from the con, including:





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Fringe‘s John Noble and Jasika Nicole, and Spike himself, James Marsters, at a panel moderated by our own Joseph Dilworth.





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-Axe Cop creators/brothers Ethan and six-year-old Malachai Niccole signed for their long line of fans, while Steam Crow’s Daniel m. Davis rocked out in the best looking booth in town.





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-There was also Doctor Who cosplay, Darth Vader wearing a corset, and a certain bear walking the floor that had no problem creating lots of space around him, even in the often-cramped aisles.





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-Phoenix Jones, Seattle’s real-life costumed vigilante was there, and for a dude who likes his secrecy, he sure has no problem in the spotlight, posing for photos, and crashing Rainn Wilson’s and director James Gunn’s Super panel, letting The Office star test out his electric cattle prod.

Check out all our photos:
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By Ryan Ingram

By Russel Kealoha

ECCC2011: BOOM! Studios Signings, Panels And Exclusives

BOOM! Studios will be at this weekend’s Emerald City Comicon in full force and we’ve got the list of creators, signings and exclusives you can find at Booths #402 & 502, plus the time and days for BOOM! panels! Check out the details below and see you at the show this weekend!

Eisner & Harvey Award-nominated IRREDEEMABLE & INCORRUPTIBLE’s Mark Waid
STAN LEE’S STARBORN’s Chris Roberson
DARKWING DUCK comic series artist James Silvani
28 DAYS LATER’s Michael Alan Nelson





Friday, March 4, 2011
All Day Signing – 28 DAYS LATER writer Michael Alan Nelson
All Day Sketching – DARKWING DUCK artist James Silvani, MUPPET artist Shelli Paroline and CARS artist Travis Hill
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM – Mark Waid, Peter Krause, Chris Roberson signing
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Mark Waid, Peter Krause, Chris Roberson signing

Saturday, March 5, 2011
All Day Signings – 28 DAYS LATER writer Michael Alan Nelson
All Day Sketching – DARKWING DUCK artist James Silvani, MUPPET artist Shelli Paroline and CARS artist Travis Hill
11:00 AM – 12:00PM – Mark Waid, Peter Krause and Chris Roberson signing
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Mark Waid, Peter Krause and Chris Roberson signing
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM – BOOM! Studios: Big. Bold. BOOM! in 2011Panel — Room 4C3-4
4:00 PM- 5:00 PM – CBGB’s signing with Sam Humphries
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM – Mark Waid, Peter Krause and Chris Roberson signing

Sunday, March 6, 2011
All Day Signings –28 DAYS LATER writer Michael Alan Nelson
All Day Sketching – DARKWING DUCK artist James Silvani, MUPPET artist Shelli Paroline and CARS artist Travis Hill
11:00 PM – 12:00 PM – Mark Waid, Peter Krause and Chris Roberson signing
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Mark Waid, Peter Krause and Chris Roberson signing

ECCC2010: DC Nation!

The ever popular DC Comics DC NATION! panel made its first stop of the year at Emerald City ComiCon on Saturday. Ian Sattler moderated the panel which featured Brian Azzerello, Peter Tomasi, Geoff Johns, James Robinson, and Eddie Berganza. This was another Q and A session, so here we go.

A distraught fan asked why they did what they did to Roy Harper. James Robinson said that it was a controversial decision and was made to make Roy Harper a character that DC wanted to use in a specific way in the future. DC is proud of the story and stands by it. Rise and Fall will be awesome.

Ian Sattler confirmed that they are constantly evaluating the co-features and are happy with them so far.

A fan and obvious collector of the various Lantern rings that have been released lately wanted to know if there would be a Legion ring. It has been talked about it and may still happen, but no plans.

Sattler revealed that DC is seriously evaluating doing digital comics.

In answer to the next fan it was revealed that a Batman Beyond mini will begin in June and that there will also be a Superman/Batman special that takes place in that world and feature Superman Beyond.

Geoff Johns revealed that he will definitely be fleshing out the New Guardians in Green Lantern. The other Lanterns decide to stay on Earth.

Asked if there has been any though to having Damian Wayne join the Teen Titans, Sattler said it’s come up. Damian will be busy in Batman this year, but maybe after.

About the Earth-One books, DC is still figuring out what frequency they will be released in. Batman will come out twice a year.

Asked about any future Marvel/DC crossovers, Sattler asked the fan why he would want any before saying bluntly that DC is not interested in doing anything with Marvel right now.

Asked if any Golden Age characters will be coming back to replace their current analogs, Brian Azzarello said there will be a new DC status quo after Blackest Night #8 and left it at that.

A Legion fan wanted to know if the new book would also include a new history so readers can get a straight continuity. Sattler said to read the book as Paul Levitz will reveal a lot about their history. He emphasized that there is lots of Legion stuff coming up this year.

Asked if we will see any more Firestorm, Johns said he is a main character in Brightest Day.

Asked if there will be anymore Elseworlds type books, Sattler said there are discussions.

Geoff Johns said there is a very, very good chance in response to the possibility of a Green Lantern animated series.

A Kid Flash series is still being planned.

The next fan wanted to know the movies’ effect on the comics directions and vice versa? The panel agreed that DC is affecting Hollywood, an example being that Johns is heavily involved in Green Lantern film. As part of his new job Johns is making sure DC comics lead the charge. Staying with the DC movies, Sattler revealed that Mastadon is doing the score for the Jonah Hex film.

Asked to reveal something new about the Earth-One Batman book, Johns said that it would feature Barbara Gordon.

The next big reveal was from Robinson, who said he will be revisiting Opal City with a new Shade series down the road. Asked about an appearance from Jack Knight, he gave no answer. Staying with Robinson, he emphasized that while readers may be upset with Green Arrow’s current direction, the outcome will make everyone happy in the end. Star City will be one of the greatest cities in the DCU.

Another fan wanted to know if we would see more of JSA in other media? Johns responded by revealing that the Justice Society will reappear in Smallville towards the end of the season.

Expect some info soon from Jim Lee regarding All-Star Batman and Robin.

The inevitable Aquaman question came up with the only response being to read Brightest Day.

Asked for more specific questions regarding the other Lantern Corps members, Johns revelaed that there would be a Larfleeze Christmas Special this year, but that may have been a joke. He wasn’t joking when he said that Atrocitus will tangle with Lobo in a couple of months. Johns also said that Riddler will be the main villain in the second Earth-One Batman book.

More Wednesday Comics may be on the way and the Batwoman series is definitely coming soon.

The panel ended with the panelists deciding that Sattler was the new DC whipping boy, now that Dan DiDio is no longer Executive Editor.

ECCC 09: Emerald City ComiCon Is Fast Approaching

In just a little over a month and change, the biggest comic book convention in the Northwest returns to Seattle. The weekend of April 4th and 5th sees the seventh annual Emerald City ComiCon returning to the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Just like last year, Pop Culture Zoo will be covering the Con with all the breaking news, panel reports and a long box full of interviews. Here’s a brief rundown of all the coolness lined up so far:


A 9″ x 12″ full-color 48-page hardcover artbook featuring original contributions from many of the convention guests, including Frank Cho, Tommy Lee Edwards, Kieron Dwyer, Bruce Timm and many more!

The cover is by Frank Cho, with colors by Nathan Fairbairn and a logo by Richard Starkings of Comicraft. It is limited to 850 individually numbered copies and part of the proceeds from will benefit the Seattle Children’s Hospital, a premier child health care and pediatric center and recognized as one of the leading US hospitals for children. You can pick it up for $25.00 at the ECCC show booth #604.



Illustrated by Mike Mignola, this print, limited to 250 signed pieces, features Hellboy at one of Seattle’s well known landmarks and is colored by Dave Stewart. Also $25.00 and available at the ECCC show booth #604






Created exclusively for the 2009 Emerald City ComiCon, Daniel m. Davis has illustrated a print featuring a vista of a steampunk alt-Seattle. Limited to only 33 pieces, each numbered by the artist, and printed on matte paper for $15.00 each, plus Daniel will be on hand all weekend at the Steam Crow Press booth (#205) to sign this print.



Media Guests
Jewel Staite (Firefly, Stargate Atlantis)
Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse)
Ray Park (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)
Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Author, Uber-Geek)
Noel Neill (The Adventures of Superman)
Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League: Unlimited)
Doug Sneyd
Gris Grimly
Mike Mignola
Tim Sale

There are many, many more guests from the world of comic books. Check here for the constantly updated list!

This year’s show is already shaping up to be bigger than last year. Keep checking back with PCZ and we will have more leading up to the show as well as our full coverage during the weekend. Stay tuned!