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DVDs With Dean – Release Date December 8th

This Week’s Tastiest Morsel
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Two-Disc Limited Special Edition + Digital Copy)
It is a little frustrating seeing this released next to epic 4-disc editions of the first two movies knowing full well that we will be double dipped at some point in the future. But until then these discs are packed with features and in the new family style each feature is hosted by a cast member.

Fresh Catches
Public Enemies (Two-Disc Special Edition)
This was a tough week of competition or this would have been my pick of the week. You just can’t lose with Christian Bale and Johnny Depp heading up a Michael Mann film. Although I find it odd that all the TV ads for the DVD don’t show Bale a year after starring in one of the highest grossing movies of all time (The Dark Knight). Get the two-disc so you can enjoy all the features on the history of John Dillinger and the Michael Mann commentary.

Julie & Julia
Meryl Streep channels Julia Childs while Amy Adams tries to hack her way through one of Child’s cookbooks in present day to hopefully inspire her to write. As usual women get shafted on features but it does include a commentary from Nora Ephron and has a featurette on the cooking prep that Streep and Adams went through.

World’s Greatest Dad
Bobcat Goldthwait continues to distance himself from his wild 80’s persona with a strong directorial effort in this Robin Williams led dark comedy.

Moonlight Serenade
Amy Adams hits again this week with the tale of two aspiring jazz musicians. However, buyer beware, this movie was panned by most critics and was held to be released next to Julie & Julia to help it get sales.

Lost: The Complete Fifth Season
The show finally embraces the hardcore fans by featuring a cool “Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit” version of the 5th season for increased shelf and nerd appeal. And for the normal fans you can grab the regular edition which has similar features to past releases with a bonus celebrating the 100th episode.

Rescue Me: Season 5, Volume 2
If you bought Vol. 1 you might as well lock it up. Personally, I plan to wait until the show wraps up and grab the complete collection.

AK 100: 25 Films of Akira Kurosawa (Criterion Collection)
If you are shopping with a fat wallet and want to stun your cinephile friend/relative/spouse this is a slam dunk. Even caressing the box can make you smarter.

Wesley Willis’s Joy Rides
Called a “Rock You Mentary” this film chronicles the life and times of the wild Wesley Willis who penned unforgettable tunes like “Rock and Roll McDonalds”, “The Chicken Frog”, and “Birdman Kicked My Ass”. I was saddened when he passed away and I am excited that this exists and will run to get a copy.

Double Dip DVDs
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Ultimate Edition) and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Ultimate Edition)
This is a 4 disc reissue on the first two Harry Potter films which were The Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets. Each film gets an extended cut and 2-3 new features with a collector’s book. Both are also available in Bluray.

Coraline (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition w/ 3D)
This is the same as the previous release but with a new casing, 4 sets of 3-D glasses, and a Book and Postcard set.

DVDs With Dean – DVDs To Be Thankful For On November 24th

This weeks Tastiest Morsel
Funny People (2-Disc Unrated Edition)
Judd Apatow’s latest comedy didn’t do as well in theaters, but I think it will perform much better on DVD, especially since the features look hilarious including a feature that features a lot of Aziz Ansari who stole the movie.

Fresh Catches
Angels & Demons (Two-Disc Extended Edition)
After blistering reviews for The DaVinci Code Ron Howard apparently stepped up the action and toned down the exposition for the sequel. The features are pretty heavy if you get the two disc edition and should be a treat for fans of the book.

Four Christmases
Last year’s holiday hit about a couple who have to go to four Christmas parties since both of their parents are divorced finally hits DVD. Just don’t expect much in the way of features.

Robert Rodriguez returns to kids fare hoping for more success like Spy Kids and not like Sharkboy and Lava Girl. Here kids find a wish granting rock which causes chaos in the neighborhood.

Kobe Doin’ Work: A Spike Lee Joint
Spike Lee unleashes his inner fanboy as he chronicles a Lakers game from pre-game to post-game to show everything that Kobe goes through. I would only recommend this for die-hard Lakers or Spike fans.

Aged and Confused
Bill Engvall, another Blue Collar Comedy veteran, releases a comedy special in time for the holidays. I would prefer this over the Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Special.

Far Cry
Crap master Uwe Boll continues to roll out video game adaptations and this looks to be particularly disappointing.

Double Dip DVDs
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
This was one of the first Disney DVDs to get a special edition when DVDs first dropped on the scene so this update was long coming as it languished in the vault. The set is full of features as usual and the Blu-ray has some new interactive features that they are trying out which might be annoying.

DVDs With Dean – Release Date August 11th

Pick of the Week
I Love You, Man
I have fallen deeply in love with Forgetting Sarah Marshall so the return of Paul Rudd and Jason Segel was too much for me to deny. The film is hilarious and anyone who has enjoyed the Apatow improv comedy films lately will be well pleased with the bromance comedy about a guy who needs to find a Best Man for his upcoming wedding. The DVD comes with alternate improv dialogue scenes, a gag reel, behind the scenes coverage, and a commentary with the two stars and the director.

17 Again
The Blu-ray/DVD Combo gets all the features so you DVD owners get absolutely nothing for this Zac Efron led comedy rip-off of Big.

If you get done with 500 Days of Summer and want to see another quirky romantic comedy with Zooey Deschanel this is for you. You also get a dose of John Goodman and a cameo from the now red-hot Zach Galifinakis.

Lonely Street
Jay Mohr stars as a Private Investigator who gets caught in a murder investigation that may have been part of an elaborate cover-up of the hidden and quite alive Elvis Presley. The indie comedy also features Katt Williams, Ernie Hudson, Robert Patrick, Joe Montegna, Paul Rodriguez, and Nikki Cox.

TV and Re-Issues
90210: The Complete First Season
The teen soap opera series is reborn with a new emaciated cast and special appearances by the classic cast including Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, and Shannon Doherty.

Super Friends: The Lost Episodes
This title is funny given that large portions of the shows history will probably not get released due to copyright issues. This includes 24 shorts from 1983 and the run time for the whole set is 168 minutes.

Are You Being Served? The Complete Collection
All 69 episodes of the British Comedy are being released in one set of 14 DVDs. And the price point is better than many classic BBC hits have been upon their release.

DVDs With Dean – Release Date March 31st

The Academy Award winning Slumdog Millionaire finishes its victory lap after winning Best Picture to land on DVD this Tuesday amidst a ton of Stand-up specials.

Pick of the Week
Slumdog Millionaire
Danny Boyle’s masterful film made Hollywood fall in love with Mumbai and helped launch some knock-offs, one releases this week (The Other End of the Line) and be prepared for more in the coming months. The production, like the movie, had its own rags to riches tale and you can check it out in the features, but the film on its own is worth your money. For more check my detailed review here.

Marley And Me
Similar to Disney’s recent releases the Blu-ray edition comes with a standard DVD and both special editions come with a Digital copy. The many featurettes are heavy on the Dog love, which is probably smart given the film’s focused appeal.

Seven Pounds
The reviews seem to all say the movie is a little improbable and overly serious, but I love Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, and Woody Harrelson, so I intend to rent it anyway.

After Dark Horrorfest, Vol. 3 (The Broken, Slaughter, Perkins’ 14, The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations, From Within, Dying Breed, Voices, Autopsy)
Here are a series of B movies for the late night horror fan. Don’t expect a lot of features, or perhaps quality in general. However, if you are a fan of one you can buy any individually as well.

Ricky Gervais: Out of England – The Stand-Up Special
His stand up comedy isn’t quite as strong as his performance based comedy, but I will still encourage people to buy anything he puts out.

Jim Gaffigan: King Baby
The Hot Pocket hero from Pale Force follows up the hilarious Beyond the Pale with a stronger DVD. If you missed the special on Comedy Central snatch up the DVD.

Dennis Miller: The HBO Comedy Specials
This is a collection of seven HBO specials spanning 1988-2006 from the political mind of Dennis Miller. My fear is that his political material will be dated, but the price point is pretty good for seven specials.

Lisa Lampanelli: Long Live The Queen
Lisa Lampanelli has risen to fame as a roastmaster who appears frequently on the Comedy Central roasts. This is her first hour long DVD special from HBO.

TV and Re-Issues
The Real Ghostbusters, Vol 1
The Ghostbusters animated show that was actually based on the movie, and didn’t feature a Gorilla with a back pack (Filmation’s Ghostbusters). This is probably the best volume to get, but if you want them all you will have three to four more volumes to buy.

DVDs With Dean: Week Of February 8th

After last week’s barrage of films I was glad for the sake of my fingers that there was less to type about this week. And for once I may get through a week only promising to buy one film. My wife and bank account will be pleased. I am however not at all pleased by a frightening trend that is starting to emerge in the land of DVDs this week.

Pick of the Week
My Name Is Bruce
I will buy anything starring Bruce Campbell and this is no exception. The premise of an actor being pulled into a situation that his alternate ego would be appropriate for has been done (Galaxy Quest) but I would love to see Bruce Campbell’s take, especially since he produced and directed the film. As for features the set comes with commentary, multiple short featurettes, a gag reel, and Easter Eggs. Remember when every DVD had hidden Easter eggs? I actually stopped looking for them about a year ago since they seemed to stop making them.


Nights in Rodanthe
This is the only romantic release the week of Valentine’s Day, which should really help its sales. Unfortunately, the excellence of Diane Lane cannot overcome the horror of Richard Gere for me. Also, please note that you will not get any features unless you buy the film on Blu-Ray, which is a trend that cannot continue. I am now openly rooting for the DVD to fail miserably.

Miracle at St Anna
Spike Lee rolls out his answer to Flags of Our Fathers with a black perspective on the Second World War. I haven’t heard much positive about the film, but you always have to check out Spike’s movies because they are very polarizing. I’ll was going to make this a rental until I saw this was another release where the Blu-Ray gets all the features. Now I am scared.

Here comes Oliver Stone to dance on George W. Bush’s presidential grave. I will rent this film if only to see the performances while all the players are fresh in my mind. Although, this seems to be a watered down Oliver Stone. I wonder what the film would look like if he felt safe to bear his claws. Maybe he will tell me on his commentary. If not, I think the featurette “Dangerous Dynasty: The Bush Presidency” as recounted by political experts and historians will include some added bite.



The premise didn’t grab me, let’s see if it grabs you. A wild epidemic of blindness sweeps a major city and all of the blind people are quarantined together with Julianne Moore who pretends to be blind to stay with her husband. Then a blind civil war erupts over the necessities of food and water. Cap all of that off with a DVD with no features.

Soul Men
As a memoriam to the late Bernie Mac (who was excellent in everything, especially Mr. 3000) and Isaac Hayes I promise to watch this film. It also helps to have Samuel L. Jackson as Bernie Mac’s partner as we follow the story of a famous soul group reuniting 20 years later to honor the death of one of their bandmates.

The Guitar
Saffron Burrows stars in this tale of a woman who was given two months to live and goes on a wildly expensive journey to finish out her life. If this sounds familiar (Last Holiday, The Bucket List, Life as a House) it should. However, this was a Sundance darling and may be greater than the cliché story might indicate.



TV and Reissues
Tales from the Darkside: The First Season
This series was very “hit and miss”, but I loved the freedom that the short isolated horror stories on this program could explore. I look forward to cherry picking through the series with Netflix to watch the better episodes.

Street Fighter Extreme Edition
I almost fell out of my seat when I saw they were releasing a special edition of Street Fighter. I know a new Street Fighter game is coming out which is supposed to be excellent, but I never thought they would dust off this clunker and dress it up. Be sure to check out the Blu-Ray edition to get Jean Claude Van Damme and Kylie Minogue’s acting in 1080p.



The Lodger
This is included in one of the Hitchcock collections I reviewed a few months ago, but now you can buy Hitchcock’s self-claimed first movie individually. It seems that many of the collections they released had problems playing certain titles and they are making many of the individual titles available to send to people who complain. And now we benefit from their poor DVD printing with more options.