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TR!CKSTER Symposia: San Diego, July 19-24

Have you ever wished that indie comics and their creators had a bigger presence at Comic-Con International? Worried that Comic-Con may be straying too far from its comic book roots? Well, wish and worry no longer, there is now an alternative to the huge pop culture extravaganza and, best of all, it is happening right across the street from Comic-Con. Take a break from the crushing crowds or and enrich your comic book experience by visiting TR!CKSTER. The events begin the Tuesday before the con begins and run concurrently all week. Check out the official website for the latest and check out the full press release below:

The highly anticipated creator-owned comics event TR!CKSTER is coming to San Diego July 19th-24th. For fans and professionals looking to expand their knowledge while rubbing elbows with the brightest stars of the growing indie comics community, a series of special informative SYMPOSIA are being planned at TR!CKSTER.

TR!CKSTER is free and open to the public, but you must buy a ticket to participate in Symposia. Tickets are on sale on a first come first served basis at the TR!CKSTER website. Tickets cost $35 a seat, or $350 for ALL-ACCESS.

The Symposia workshop events encompass the heart of what TR!CKSTER is all about: education, sharing, respect, progress, and individual voice. Offering insight from the hottest and most active creators in the business: Mike Mignola (“Hellboy”), Skottie Young, Jill Thompson (“Beasts of Burden”), Steve Niles, Doug Tennapel, Scott Morse (“Soulwind”), Jim Mahfood (“Marijuana Man”), and others, additional Symposia will be added up to the dates of each workshop – so keep checking the website for updates. You will need a PayPal account to purchase tickets.

Tickets are available in one of two ways: single-seat/single event tickets, and ALL-ACCESS tickets. ALL ACCESS will garner you entrance and participation in all 8 Symposia, free books including the limited edition A GLIMPSE OF CRIME AND TERROR, and an original framed painting by TR!CKSTER co-founder Scott Morse. Wine will be served during each event.

TR!CKSTER is anticipating a Symposia seating capacity that’s very limited, so it is recommended that you get your tickets as early as possible. This is an incredibly unique opportunity to discuss process, technique, method, and theory with the finest working storytellers and image-makers in comics, film, animation, and beyond. The Symposia are intense crash-course discussion workshops focused with a specific agenda: to help artists and storytellers generate the best work possible.

TR!CKSTER is the event everyone’s talking about. With live art shows, gallery pop-ups, retail space, and free events like the “Pen n’ Drink” life drawing featuring live costumed models Tuesday thru Thursday nights 7:30pm-1am, Cartoon Brew’s festival of Student Animation Thursday morning 10am-11am, and the Independent Animation festival same time on Friday morning, there truly will be something for everyone. Other special events and announcements are forthcoming.

The event will be held at the San Diego Wine and Culinary Center, 200 Harbor Drive, Suite 120, San Diego, CA 92101, just across the street from the Convention Center. TR!CKSTER runs from July 19th-24th.

For more information on TR!CKSTER, for the Symposia schedule, and for special events, go to: www.trickstertrickster.com

FIRST LOOK: Thunderstrike #1

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Thunderstrike #1 (of 5), from creators Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, and Todd Nauck! Years ago, Eric Masterson laid down his enchanted mace — and his life — in defense of his fellow Avengers. From the halls of Valhalla to the streets of New York, scant has been heard of the hero known as Thunderstrike since…until now. Has an unknown force returned him to the realm of the living? Or has his enchanted weapon finally sought out a worthy successor? And just why are Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter in a race against the clock to discover the truth? Lightning will strike twice as a legend returns to the Marvel Universe this November in Thunderstrike #1 (of 5)!

THUNDERSTRIKE #1 (of 5) (SEP100542)
Written by TOM DEFALCO
Cover by RON FRENZ
Rated A…$3.99
FOC – 10/29/10, ON SALE – 11/24/10

Emerald City ComiCon 2009 – UPDATED

The annual Emerald City ComiCon has descended upon Seattle and Pop Culture Zoo is in the middle of it all. Look for updates over the next several days. This is the seventh annual Emerald City ComiCon and looks to be the biggest show yet! There are many, many guests and lots of panels and activities scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday. Below is a handy resource guide as well as links to all our stories (as they get posted). Keep checking back often as this page will be constantly updated.


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“ECCC 09: A Conversation With Aaron Douglas”

“ECCC 09: Wacky Hi-Jinks With Brandon Jerwa And Eric Trautmann – With Exclusive Art!”

“ECCC 09: ‘Pint O’ C. B.'”

“ECCC 09: DC Nation”

“ECCC 09: Emerald City ComiCon Is Fast Approaching”


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Review: G.I. Joe Dreadnoks Torch & Ripper Comic Pack

With the immense strength and momentum of Hasbro’s G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary line, comes as no surprise that they are releasing loads of new versions of classic characters, constantly providing fans with more figures to hunt. Thanks to the use of the comic-book two-pack model, Hasbro has given fans the opportunity to hunt down even more new figures than originally expected and several amazing entries have been delivered into the line as a result! One such set includes new versions of two of the original Dreadnoks, Torch and Ripper.

This set of Dreadnoks comes in Hasbro’s standard packaging for comic two-packs, a blister card/bubble combo with the figures secured and in full view. One thing that struck me in particular about it was the way the vivid pictures on the included comic contrast with those of the figures, making them quite eye-catching. The MOC display here is fantastic, making this a great product for both MOC and loose collectors.

The sculpt on each Dreadnok is awesome! Frankly, I felt the old sculpt on Ripper was horrible, but this new one really makes him look fantastic. His tattoos look great. the sculpt is well-engineered and and overall he is one of the best looking Australian mercenary figures I’ve ever seen. Torch also looks fantastic and the removable vest is truly an added bonus for the figure. Torch is kit-bashed from previous sculpts (less the head and part of his leg), BUT the re-use of parts has enabled Hasbro to continue producing these figs at low cost to the buying public. For those looking to complain about the recycling of sculpts, I politely invite you to shut your face and appreciate that the new characters keep coming… because they rule!

The paint apps for each figure are also solid. Detailed attention has been paid to their tattoos and jewelry, as well as some of their accessories such as Torch’s vest. The apps are all crisp and strong, with no discoloration or smudging, and they accentuate the details on the figures to make them look sensational.

The accessories are great pieces that mix both new and old parts. Torch’s flamethrower with removable fuel bottle looks awesome and that the flame-thrower fits on his belt is a great added bonus. Ripper’s gun is cool and he also comes with articulated jaws of life, which totally rules. Those who had the original Ripper figure will remember that his jaws accessory didn’t open. These new ones do and add to the figure’s very unique accessories. Given that the figures also come with a name-specific 25th Anniversary base, this excellent set pulls together a great bunch of extras.

The included comic is an original issue from Marvel’s G.I. Joe series, but it features a commemorative cover that looks stellar. The story itself is equally as good. I won’t get into details here, but I will say that the story features the Dreadnoks riding motorcycles, breaking into a Joe airfield and destroying numerous vehicles. If that’s not what you want from Dreadnoks, there is nothing I can do to help you. This is the two at their most ludicrously fun, and the battle-heavy comic is an awesome added value to an already spectacular set.

You can find this comic two-pack from $9.99 on shelves to $14.99 online, making this set is a great deal that I encourage any Joe fan to find. With this comic pack, you’re essentially getting the figures for less than the cost of two single-carded figures. This set offers new characters at a cheaper price, which in my book equals an exceptional value. Looking at these troublemaking hooligans, you can just picture them getting on bikes and cruising down the highway to Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” They rule, and all Hasbro needs to bring us now is a 25th Anniversary Zarana, Zandar, Thrasher and Monkey Wrench to make the old school Dreadnoks complete.

You can read more of C.J.’s musings on film, toys and music over at stunksstage.com.

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