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Dynamite Entertainment Comics On Sale March 2

Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller/Inker: John McCrea

Beginning the four part “Barbary Coast”: Hughie travels out west to finally meet Lieutenant-Colonel Greg Mallory, the man who started The Boys. All kinds of secrets await our hero, beginning with the terrible story of the first supes to see action in World War Two. When the revelations cease, will Hughie return- or walk away from the team forever?

Writer: Eric Trautmann
Penciller/Inker: Patrick Berkenkotter

What do you do when the war is over and your comrades are dead on the battlefield? You find the nearest tavern and drink a toast: “To Absent Friends.” Red Sonja considers her next move after the deadly conflicts in Shem (issues #51-#54), but where there’s a tavern, there’s some drunken fool who starts a fight…

Writer: Dean Koontz and Chuck Dixon
Penciller/Inker: Scott Cohn

The undead Deucalion continues to aid Carson and Michael in their hunt for the rogue Detective Harker, who, in hiding, shares a disturbing secret with Father Duchaine. And will Erika be forced to pay the ultimate price now that Victor has discovered her insubordination? Find out in the penultimate chapter of DEAN KOONTZ’S FRANKENSTEIN!

Writer: Jai Nitz
Penciller/Inker: Wilson Tortosa

Wayne Russell tests out his new powers and discovers that someone is watching him. When he tries to track them down, he falls into a trap set by the local gang he encountered last issue. They have a surprise in store for their superpowered nemesis. Meanwhile, halfway around the world, trouble brews in Afghanistan when a man with similar powers emerges.

Dynamite To Publish ‘Stargate’ Comics

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that it has acquired the comic book rights to all three Stargate series. A $1.00 Stargate #0, featuring sample chapters from each series, will precede Stargate Universe, by writer Chuck Dixon and artist John Watson, Stargate Atlantis, by Doug Murray, and the flagship title, Stargate SG-1, written by Brandon Jerwa. The Atlantis and SG-1 series will be direct continuations of the TV series starting at “season six” for the former and “season eleven” for the latter. The blanks in the creative teams should be filled in shortly (maybe at Comic-Con?) and you’d better believe that Pop Culture Zoo will be bringing you any and all info as it is announced!