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New Dark Knight Photos and Set Report

The New York Times has a new story up focusing on Christopher Nolan and his approach to making the new Batman film, The Dark Knight.

22197019.JPGHere are some highlights:

*Nolan did not use a second-unit on the shoot, which means that every frame that’s shown on the screen was shot by him.

*One of the themes explored will be whether or not the mere presence of Batman in Gotham City is what attracts the bizarre and twisted criminals like the Joker to the city.

*Gotham City itself won’t be portrayed as a dark and brooding city, but as a gleaming modern metropolis.

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UPDATED 3/7! Do YOU believe in Harvey Dent?

Update 3/7@11:00 PM PST (by averagejoe)

Did all of you who’ve registered at the Harvey Dent website get your phone call today?  The one and only Harvey Dent is calling on all of us to help him in saving Gotham City!  Please feel free to let us know you’ve heard the call in our lounge. We’ll also be looking for your reports about the Dentmobile if it visits your town.

Update 3/7 @ 3:00 PM PST

Well, its that time folks. The site (ibelieveinharveydent.com) has been updated with all manner of opportunities to allow you to immerse yourself in Harvey’s bid for Gotham District Attorney. Click on the ‘What To Do’ button for a few examples, but be prepared to spread the Word of Harvey to your hometown. There are banners and posters to download at the moment with promises of more to come. There’s even a Dentmobile that will be making its way around the country! It looks like Portland, OR will be one of its stops, so you can bet yer bottom double-sided dollar coin that PCZ will be there when it arrives!

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When Heath Ledger tragically passed away in January, fans were skeptic as to whether Warner Brothers and 42 Entertainment would continue their Joker-centric viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight. The ARG (Alternate Reality Game) had Bat-Fans scurrying around both the interwebs and their home towns searching for clues and solving puzzles left by Mr J. In light of Ledger’s passing, it only made sense that the marketing would shift its focus to another character. Or, maybe that was just ‘all part of the plan’?

Enter the site ibelieveinharveydent.com. This site isn’t unknown to players of the Dark Knight ARG. Originally launched last summer, this page was the catalyst to the eventual first look of Ledger as the Joker. Since then, it has remained as a largely dormant campaign advertisement for Harvey Dent’s bid for Gotham District Attorney. Of course, that all changed last Friday when the site received an update.

The site now claims that ‘We have the power to change Gotham City. Soon you’ll find out how’. It has been updated with fields allowing you to submit your email address and phone number (which is optional). Once submitted, you receive an email asking to confirm your address and saying that something will happen ‘in a few days’.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the fight to take back Gotham City!


Feel free to discuss this story in our forums.


Aaron EckhartFirst of all, this is your humble Editor-in-chief speaking and I just want to take a quick second to say welcome to our new site. I will put up a more formal announcement later, but I wanted to get this exclusive information to you first. Before you proceed, understand that this is a pretty big spoiler for The Dark Knight, so if you want to remain unspoiled do not keep reading!