Salute To Supernatural Con 2012: Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki

Supernatural on the CW network is finishing up its seventh season and the show can claim some of the most ardent and faithful fans. That was very apparent at the Salute to Supernatural Convention 2012 in Burbank, California this last weekend, March 2 to 4th. The fans have dubbed it Burcon and it was definitely an event crafted for them; meet and greets, a Karaoke Party, photo ops plus a Celebrity Cocktail Party. And the savvy actors, who have been doing this for several years, did not disappoint.

Here are some of the Question and Answer highlights from the Sunday J2 panel. Fast notes win sometimes, but tweets rule. Next time.

To Jensen – What was it like doing a play?

JENSEN: It was sold out every night and everybody came out. Every night it was butterflies inside. It’s not something that goes away. But I love that nervous anxiety…of here we go, in front of a whole crowd. But I love it out here and we get to talk to the fans live. And make jerks of our selves. Live.

What is your interaction with the crew?

JENSEN: With the crew members? The crew is our family. It’s a very dysfunctional family. There’s not a day on that set that goes by that were not folded over laughing about something.

JARED: We see them every day. More than most people in our lives.

Why does Dean end up in all the costumes?

JENSEN: You mean why does Dean get stuck with all the silly costumes? Yes, I want to know that too. He’s the one that’s always getting beat up. He’s the one that always has to put on the skirts or what or whatever the heck it is.

JARED: So any time I read in a script that has some (costume) I’ll get in to be dressed before Jensen and say “That’s kind of funnier for Dean’s character. And they go “Yeah”.

JENSEN: So you’re the one that’s giving me all the trouble.

What is the most awkward experience you’ve ever had with a fan?

JARED: Someone asked, double hug me. Sorry. I thought they said something else. That was awkward.

JENSEN: I have a funny story. This is going back many years when I was on a soap opera (Days of Our Lives) and we were doing some kind of a promotional thing at a mall in the middle of nowhere. We were on a little stage. There were two stories. There were several of the actors on stage and we’re talking and I feel this thing hit my head. I look up and a girl had put a little notebook and a pen on a fishing wire and fished it all the way down from the second story. And it hit my head and I turn to look up at her. And she goes (making the universal sign of writing). Everybody who was watching was in hysterics and I signed the autograph.

What happened to the handprint on dean’s arm in season 7? It’s gone.

JENSEN: Any injuries from being beaten up and all of his scares, when he (Cass) healed him that went away. All of his scares were healed right. It was a rebirth (in essence). The true story is, they forgot. Honestly they were like, “Oh crap.” And they probably would have gone back and reshot it had they not sat and thought about it. “No,” it would have been gone when Cass healed him.

In the first episode of season 7 with Cass turning into a Leviathan was it weird seeing Misha acting in such a crazy way or it that normal?

JENSEN: He didn’t really rehearse it like that. To be honest we don’t take rehearsals seriously. After seven years Jared and I know what to do. We’ll rehearse it, but a lot of times it’s just going through the motions for the camera guys – so we can get their focus marks and stuff like that. So we’re clowning around with Misha. So we lock it up. Here we go. Sound. Action. And he’s like “Vaueegh” (Sounding like he’s throwing up.)

JARED: And I’m like, what’s wrong with him?

JENSEN: I just peed a little.

JARED: (Laughing.) He did.

JENSEN: I remember I had the same kind of reaction the first time we ever worked together. He comes in the barn door and (in a deeper voice) “I am the one who raised you from Perdition.” And I turned around to my camera guys, and this is before we knew each other, and “Is he for real. That is so weird.” Obviously, the more we got to know Misha, the more they explored the role of Cass, it became obvious that he was making a character choice and it turned out to be a really good one.

JARED: I didn’t work with him at first, but rumor was that he was going to be around for a few episodes. So I go up to Jensen. “Hey, you worked with this Misha guy. What’s the deal?” Jensen is going, “Oh yeah, he’s good. He’s a little weird. I think he’s method or what…” And we’re walking from the stage to our trailers as we’re talking and Misha is sitting on the back of a truck and Jensen’s like, “He’s right there. Act normal. I think he saw us.” Misha is not a method actor and he certainly didn’t become one on the show.

JENSEN: And if he was we completely broke him of that. I would say he did a great job and he also did a great job of not letting us know that he was going to do that, because we probably would have messed with him.

Worst injuries suffered while shooting?

JARED: I took a really bad head kick. We were breaking into something and Jim (Beaver) was sneaking up on a guy walking on a platform. We’re sneaking up on the guards, demons and Jim comes up behind him (a guard) and he’s supposed to go over the railing. We did the first take and it was alright. With the second take the guy his whole body turned and his leg hits me (indicating side of head). So I drop. Man, it hurt. I had to sit down. You don’t expect it, a knee to the side of your head. I think he KO’d me. It was a full knee to the side of the head.
The other one was, I fell the wrong way – Season 2. I go to the hotel, and a vampire comes in and I knock him out and the stunt man hits me from behind. If the camera is there (indicating shot ending chest high) you’re supposed to act from there (indicating down to waist high), but I went too far. And the stunt man (vampire) was still right here (pointing to the floor in front of him) so I couldn’t brace myself and I snapped my wrist.

JENSEN: I haven’t broken any bones yet, but I’ve gotten banged up pretty good. I believe it was “All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2” when Dean gets thrown into the tombstone. They padded the tombstone – it was kind of rubberized so I could throw myself into it. The problem was the base was solid stone and I threw myself back into it. It always weird when someone is not pushing you to launch yourself. And my funny bone caught the edge and my entire arm went, not with the tingling…it went completely dead. Fred Lane (Azazel) walks up and we had the dialogue and the whole time it felt like my entire hand was on fire. The nerves had been shocked so hard and to this day, I still have sensitivity in that elbow. I don’t know what I did but I never got it checked up. We got through the scene. I just kept going otherwise I was going to start crying.