When you undertake something as huge as Siege, you have to constantly think about ways to out-do yourself. First you take down the golden haired God of Thunder, Thor. Then, you have the Sentry rip the God of War Ares right in half. What can you do to top something like that? Well, ask Brian Michael Bendis, because he sure as hell did it with Siege #3!

The book picks up almost right after #2 ended with the reflection of Cap’s ever iconic shield about to take Norman Osborn out. We finally see what the President’s reaction is to everything that is going on above Broxton, Oklahoma and it is NOT good.

Osborn and his “Avengers” are now officially wanted for treason and it’s up to Captain America (Steve Rogers) and the rag tag band of Avengers to take him down. There are some big reveals in this issue and the return of a major player to the battlefield.

Keeping in line with the cliffhangers that have been common place for this event, this one is no exception. The only thing is, the way this issue ends, there is no saying that anyone comes out alive.