Playmates’ ‘Terminator Salvation’ Toys Invade Toy Shelves

Terminator Salvation doesn’t hit theaters until May 21st, but you can get a good idea of who the characters are and what the various Terminator models look like right now, thanks to Playmates and their line of Terminator Salvation toys. My overall impression of these figures are that they are well done, nicely sculpted with just the right amount of articulation. There are not really any accessories to speak of, apart with each generally coming along with a gun, but I don’t think they require them. Playmates has always done solid figures that have the right amount of actor likeness combined with a slight cartoon quality that makes them fun to play with. And you have three size ranges to choose from, each with varying degrees of detail. All figures come with a trading card from Topps and they do appear to contain spoilers for the film, so beware. Let’s take a look at the different choices.

3.75 – 5 inches
Figures in this size range include Marcus, Battle Damage Marcus, Barnes, T-600, T-700 and T-R.I.P. (Resistance Infiltration Prototype). Our sample figure was the T-700, which I found highly detailed. I think this range is my favorite and seems to be the most detailed. The T-700 is surprisingly detailed and comes with a bent angle iron to brandish menacingly at the Resistance, as well as the requisite gun. The figure stands fine on its own with very little finessing and looks cool.



6 – 7.5 inch
Here you’ll find larger versions of the T-600, T-700, T-R.I.P. (Resistance Infiltration Prototype) and Marcus, plus the addition of a T-1. I predict the T-1 to be the standout from this size range, so pick it up quick. Marcus is the figure we checked out and he comes with a gun and probably way more spoiler information than is appropriate. The big thing that I like about this figure is that the articulation points are cleverly disguised for the most part, so while it’s a highly posable figure it doesn’t feel or look like you are playing with one of those figure drawing dummies from art class.



10 – 12 inch
The T-600, T-700, T-R.I.P. (Resistance Infiltration Prototype) and Marcus comprise the large-size figures. We took a look at the T-600 and the detail is slightly lacking as the figure has almost a Frankenstein’s monster look to it. Having not seen the movie yet, however, I can’t say that it’s not an acurate interpretation. The T-600 comes with interchangeable heads, one part human and one all Terminator. And the Terminator head has a little hole at the top where you can focus a light to make the eyes glow red. This figure also packs a big, mean automatic gun that is pretty rocking. Some great articulation here and nicely posable make this a great figure.



We didn’t sample any vehicles, but have included the pictures of them as they are pretty fantastic looking. I would probably rather have these than the figures, to be honest.



A really nice looking collection of figures for what is most likely the first wave. I think I would have liked to see more variety of characters across the different size ranges, but the different Terminator models all look awesome at any size. My shrewd economic advice would be to pick a size you plan to stick with and get all the figure in that range and definitely get the vehicles!

Thanks to Playmates for providing Pop Culture Zoo with samples for this review!