Iron Man Exclusive DVD Special Features Preview

When we reported on the release date for the Iron Man movie on DVD and Blu-ray last week, we told you that Marvel Studios had a special SDCC promotion planned. On the convention floor “Stark Industries” thumb drives were handed out to Comic-Con patrons and one of these just happened to fall into PCZ hands. What we found when we eagerly plugged this into the nearest USB drive was the Exclusive DVD Special Features Preview.

My thanks to Marvel for not only making it easy to report on the Iron Man goodies loaded on this drive, but for remembering that not all fans could make it to San Diego. Below you will find the same content which has been made accessible for embedding. (Note: on some browsers these embedded videos will automatically launch).

I am Iron Man

Heads Up Display (H.U.D)

Iron Man- Friends and Foes

The Walk of Destruction

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