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1990 G. I. Joe Series Gets A SHOUT! Out

While the original G. I. Joe animated series and comic book gave us all the Joes that many of us know, the second series introduced a whole new wave of characters for a new generation of fans. My favorite has to be the COBRA agent Gnawgahyde, just for the name alone! Anyway, that second series is coming to DVD, starting with Season One on January 10. Below is the press release from SHOUT! Factory and you can pre-order your set right now by clicking the cover art (by doing so you will be helping to support Pop Culture Zoo)!

The incredible adventures of GENERAL HAWK, SGT. SLAUGHTER and their international team of heroes — known as G.I. JOE — continue! Together they defend the globe against COBRA, a ruthless organization led by COBRA COMMANDER, who is determined to conquer the world by any means necessary.

On January 10, 2012, Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Hasbro, will unleash the G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero Series 2, Season 1 on DVD. This collectible 4-DVD set contains the entire 24 episodes from the complete first season, including the 5-part miniseries Operation Dragonfire. A must-have for heroes of all ages, G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero Series 2, Season 1 DVD set arrives in stores everywhere and is priced to own at $29.93 SRP.

In 1989, SGT. SLAUGHTER once again returned to battle against COBRA and DESTRO in the 5-part miniseries Operation Dragonfire; and the popular second series began airing thereafter. Loyal G.I. JOE fans and kids were also introduced to a group of new G.I. JOE heroes – CAPTAIN GRID-IRON, AMBUSH, PATHFINDER and villains – SERPENTOR, CESSPOOL, METAL-HEAD, GNAWGAHYDE, as well as new VIPER troops.

Now you can relive the adventures of second series of G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero from the beginning, including the miniseries that started it all — Operation Dragonfire!

DVDs With Dean – Discs To Keep You Warm For November 3rd

This Week’s Tastiest Morsel
North by Northwest (50th Anniversary Edition)
This marks the first Alfred Hitchcock film on Blu-ray and comes with 2 new featurettes and a 44 page booklet to go with the previously available features. The Hitchcock catalog has been getting more attention lately and I hope his other hits get similar treatment.

Fresh Catches
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Two-Disc Edition)
Why are they using super suits? And what is a Wayans doing in this movie? Maybe they answer these questions in one of the two behind the scenes features, although I bet they don’t. The single disc edition just comes with a director commentary, but if you step it up to the 2-disc it comes with those behind the scenes features and a digital copy.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
Tony Scott resurrects the classic Pelham with his muse Denzel Washington and while it underperformed in the theater they rolled out a bunch of features to tempt us to see it at home. And it worked as I intend to rent it and enjoy the director’s commentary.

Aliens in the Attic
If you are hunting for films for your kids this might be worth getting with the hope that the scenes with Kevin Nealon and Tim Meadows are enjoyable enough to compensate for silly aliens and Ashley Tisdale.

Food, Inc.
This is a popular documentary exploring the food industry with special attention on the meat providing animals like chickens and cows. It is praised for being less preachy than most films on the subject matter and taking a wider approach to the various concerns.

I Love You, Beth Cooper
I hear that there are a few sneaky fun scenes in the midst of this mediocre teen rom-com. You can also look forward to an alternate ending and a few featurettes. And if that doesn’t sell you that makes two of us.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Complete Season One (TV Series)
All 22 episodes are included and each episode gets a behind the scenes feature.

Doctor Who – “The War Games” and Doctor Who – The Black Guardian Trilogy
“The War Games” set is from the Patrick Troughton years and is the conclusion to his run. The Black Guardian Trilogy is from the Peter Davison years and includes the popular “Mawdryn Undead” episode.

Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome, America. A Final Night with George W. Bush
Will Ferrell must love playing the much maligned president as he takes time out of headlining blockbuster movies to portray him on Broadway. The reviews were mixed but this might be a good bet for those who love the star or hate the ex-president.

Double Dip DVDs
It’s a Wonderful Life (Two-Disc Collector’s Gift Set And Limited Edition Ornament)
This is the two-Disc edition from two years ago repackaged with an Ornament, which might make a good stocking stuffer for your grandmother.

Say Anything
This new edition has two new featurettes (four if you get the Blu-ray) to commemorate the 20th Anniversary.

Forrest Gump: Chocolate Box Giftset
The set is rumored to have new features, a feather bookmark, a collector’s booklet, and a chocolate scent. While I like the idea, I dislike how much space this will eat up on my shelf, and it doesn’t look special even though the chocolate box is appropriate given the movie.

Rocky: The Undisputed Collection [Blu-ray]
The Rocky films finally hit Blu-ray in the face in HD. There are no announced new features.

Da Ali G Show – Da Compleet Seereez
This was previously available although the new price of 20 bucks is verrrry niiiice.

The Shield: Complete Series
This is one of the best TV series of all time, and this is a must have for anyone who hasn’t been picking up the seasons one at a time over the last few years. The price point is also very reasonable.


‘G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra’ In Plastic – Part Five

No one knows G.I. Joe toys like CJ Stunkard of Stunk’s Stage. Luckily, CJ has taken an in-depth look at the new line of toys based on G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and you can read the articles right here at Pop Culture Zoo. Check back each day to read about what you’ll want to pick up and avoid in order to re-create the movie in your own home. Thank you, CJ!

The Bravo Class vehicles from the Rise of Cobra Line are an odd assortment. While I’ll be looking at only one of the vehicles below, I can honestly say that the entire assortment is somewhat problematic for me. At a price point $10 higher (or up to $15 more at some retailers) than the Alpha class vehicles, one would assume that one was getting nearly twice the bang for their buck. Unfortunately, given my own sensibilities, I don’t find this to be the case. That’s not to say, however, that the Bravo Class assortment is not excellent. As I’ll be showing below, the Ice Dagger vehicle at the Bravo price point is a great toy, I just wanted to make sure that I mentioned the price point problem I have given the amazing value of the Alpha Class line.

One thing that does elevate the Bravo Class vehicles above their cheaper counterparts is the functionality and fun factor. The Ice Dagger is loaded to the brim with functions. A button at the back of the top allows for a pop-up “surprise” gunner station with firing missiles. The back of the vehicle has an opening door for storing an extra Joe or a Cobra prisoner. The canopy opens for storing two additional Joe soldiers, and the front sleds turn. I think all-in-all, the vehicle can hold 6 figures comfortably, with footpegs available for additional standing figures.

The overall appearance of the vehicle is cool also—that is, as long as the gunner station is tucked in and hidden. In its closed form, the vehicle looks somewhat like an updated version of the Snowcat. Once thee gunner station pops-up from the back, however; the vehicle looks somewhat silly. The station is flimsy and it moves like a bobblehead when the vehicle is pushed or maneuvered. This flimsy engineering worries me for rougher children who will certainly flip this vehicle during battles and so forth. I can almost hear the toy breaking in homes across America just writing about it.

This of course should not imply that there is not fun to be had from the gunner station nor the vehicle itself. As I’ve said previously, the numerous compartments for Joes plus the fun factor of a button-operated feature like the gunner pod make the Ice Dagger a very fun addition to the Joe vehicle motor pool. The only other qualm I have with the item is the color. To me, the vehicle looks much more like a Cobra transport than a Joe one; but that may be personal preference rather than an actuality.

Finally, I want to touch on the inclusion of Frostbite. The figure uses existing parts (which is fine), and he looks great. Personally, I think he looks better than the Snow Job included with the Rockslide. Frostbite looks like he could be an old school Joe, and I know that will be enough reason for adult fans to pick him up. His filecard is attached to the box, so be sure to cut it out before discarding the packaging.

Overall, the Ice Dagger is a cool piece. It’s not necessarily the most bang-for-your-buck considering it could run as much as two Alpha vehicles, but it is a fun and cool addition to the Joe vehicle assortment—so long as the gunner station is closed. Once that thing pops-up, well, all bets are off. At least the vehicle is piloted by a cool addition to the Joe team.

‘G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra’ In Plastic – Part Three

No one knows G.I. Joe toys like CJ Stunkard of Stunk’s Stage. Luckily, CJ has taken an in-depth look at the new line of toys based on G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and you can read the articles right here at Pop Culture Zoo. Check back each day to read about what you’ll want to pick up and avoid in order to re-create the movie in your own home. Thank you, CJ!

Yesterday, I looked at the first half of the initial wave of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra movie figures I was able to get; and today I will tackle the second half of the wave.

It’s somewhat of a mystery to me why this Scarlett figure exists. She must be the character in training gear or some such, because every picture I’ve seen from the film shows Scarlett in black body armor, and this figure features the character in fatigues, with her hair pulled back very tight. The look of this Scarlett is mediocre, and I doubt very much that she is the primary Scarlett figure we will see released in later case assortments. Her shortcomings are offset, however, by her amazing array of accessories including a crossbow and blade that attach to her backpack. Plus, even if one did not like the overall look of the figure, her body sculpt, with a new head could lend itself to a cool figure.

Shipwreck may be one of the strongest releases in the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra line. He has an excellent overall look, and a horde of accessories. Those who like the character but were never much interested in his very basic sailor look will dig this more hi-tech/stylized figure, that even includes Shipwreck’s faithful bird, POLLY. This figure rules, straight up and down.

Heavy Duty
This version of Heavy Duty is lacking, to say the least. His bulky sculpt and ridiculously cumbersome firing weapon limit the figure’s poseability and overall look. Despite featuring the same level of articulation as the other figures in the line, he is not nearly as poseable. Perhaps I am being a bit to harsh, however, as the bulkier sculpt is very unique, and the parts could be used for an amazing custom figure. While this is only the initial Heavy Duty figure to hit the market, I am sure other, better versions will be released in the months to come. That being said, perhaps it’s not a total loss.

Cobra Viper Commando
Similarly to the Neo Viper, I am not ecstatic about Cobra Viper Commandos armor, nor his mask. While both aspects are somewhat of an improvement over the Neo-Viper, I feel the armor is still too odd, and the mask too over-the-top. Like the Neo-Viper, however, the figure is redeemed with exceptional accessories, including a backpack with grappling hook and removable knife. The figure poses well, and if you’re not hung up on the designs, he makes for a cool enemy soldier.

I am slightly on the fence with this Zartan. On the one hand, I love the sculpt, and I love the accessories. On the other, I am confused as to why this version was the first and possibly only version of the character (unlike Heavy Duty and Storm Shadow, I have not seen future versions of this character). This is obviously an undercover Zartan, and perhaps that is apropos given his presence in the film; but it seems confusing, particularly for children who don’t read the filecards but just rip the toys out of the package. For all intents and purposes, he appears to be a hero with awesome weapons. The figure is an odd choice for the character, but it’s still a cool figure in my opinion as a toy in and of itself.

I was surprisingly taken with this figure. I find the movie redesign for the Breaker character to be odd, considering he looks more like a remixed Dial Tone than the character who he is intended to be. Nonetheless, I like the figure quite a bit; and as long as he’s not a total loser in the movie, this newest version may become the new default Breaker in my collection. I like him that much. His removable vest allows for various display opportunities, and his firing weapon is awesome in that it stands on its own without having to fit it into his hands. In addition, it connects to his laptop, and it just creates a cool, nearly deluxe-feel for the figure.

Come back tomorrow when I review the Alpha Vehicle Assortment.

‘G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra’ In Plastic – Part Two

No one knows G.I. Joe toys like CJ Stunkard of Stunk’s Stage. Luckily, CJ has taken an in-depth look at the new line of toys based on G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and you can read the articles right here at Pop Culture Zoo. Check back each day to read about what you’ll want to pick up and avoid in order to re-create the movie in your own home. Thank you, CJ!

In my previous article, I gave an overview of the single-carded figure assortment from the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra line. Below I will give brief thoughts on the first half-dozen figures, highlighting strengths and weakness of each. Tomorrow I will do the same with the latter half.

Snake Eyes
If G.I. Joe has an iconic member, it’s likely Snake Eyes–the character who I believe has had more multiple versions released than any other member of not only the Joe team, but the entire mythos. Snake Eyes is an immensely important figure to the G.I. Joe brand and this version is a fine offering from the movie line. His only major drawback is the lack of Timber, but if I am not mistaken, future versions will include the fabled wolf sidekick as a pack-in. Snake Eyes is thin, without bulky vests or armor, allowing for incredible pose-ability. He also features a fantastic zipline for his firing weapon, and a great backpack with sheath-sleeves for his swords. Snake Eyes is pretty stellar.

While I know “Accelerator Suit” Duke is getting all the love in the promotional materials for the film, this “Desert Ambush” Conrad Hauser version of the figure is the one that most adult fans will want to pick up. He is fantastic. Between his realistic weaponry, highly detailed night-vision helmet, and semi-realistic dogtag, this Duke is THE version for old school fans, hands-down, He’s a great figure.

Me likey the Baroness. I always have. For some young boys it’s the White Queen, for others Catwoman; but for me, the villainous vixen who stole my heart was the Baroness. I’ve always had a thing for her, and I don’t think that will ever change—in fact, part of me still feels that the Baroness is real, and she is Monica Bellucci. Paramount apparently didn’t agree, and they got Sienna Miller for the films, a fact about which I am on the fence. Regardless of the casting, I like the figure. Perhaps it’s just my love of the character; but I love this toy. Holes in the Baroness’ hips allow one to attach her handguns (as seen in numerous promotional materials), which is a cool bonus, as are her cool extra accessories—an opening M.A.R.S. briefcase and a cool grappling hook device as well. As if all that were not enough, her glasses are removable, and her oversized shooting weapon seems appropriate for an in-scale missile launcher.

Storm Shadow
If every line needs to have one low point, this one’s is either Storm Shadow or Heavy Duty. Luckily we know that each of these characters is going to receive the multiple-version treatment, and I am hoping that later releases make up for the initial shortcomings of these first ones. While Storm Shadow looks great and features a bevy of accessories, he lacks in the articulation department due to his jacket essentially blocking hip movement. Finding this out initially, I cut the front slit of his cloak to enable more movement, but it was still disappointing. For a ninja, this version of Storm Shadow has a surprisingly obtrusive outfit. As if this weren’t frustrating enough, his backpack is nonremovable, so the figure’s ability to be used in vehicles is also limited; and as I mentioned in my previous article, his shooting weapon looks stupid. Overall, he’s a b it of a disappointment.

I am very unsure of my feelings on Destro. In part, I think the figure looks foolish with a silver-panted headsculpt as opposed to the killer faux-chrome one found on most recent Destro releases. As a longtime Joe fan, however, I do see some value in the choice. After all, the first Destro figure I ever received as a child had a similar painted headsculpt (the 1991-92 release), and I loved him as a kid; so perhaps my dislike of this recent choice is just my adult sensibilities taking precedence over a fairly unimportant aspect of the figure. The headsculpt issue aside, I totally dig this Destro. He has a cool, unique look among the other cobra soldiers; and even if one disliked the headsculpt as I did, the figure would still make a great decoy Destro or Destro Disciple or something like that. Holes in the figure’s legs allow his weapons to be attached, and his shoulder holster can hold a pistol as well—allowing fans to arm the weapons producer to the teeth.

I don’t know what motivated Hasbro or the film’s staff to design the Neo-Viper helmets as they did, but I hate them. The helmets and the armor just aren’t working for me—particularly given the extensive pre-existing helmet designs they could have used or slightly altered. That being said, I am not in love with this figure. He is redeemed from being a Storm-Shadow-level disappointment, however, thanks in part to his excellent accessories, including a backpack to which his two laser rifles can attach. Actually, as far as this figure is concerned, I am in love with the accessory aspect and apathetic toward the figure himself. So, he’s a bit of a wash for me.

Check in tomorrow for brief rundowns on the second half of this initial wave.