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POPCAST Dispatch 10: Fictional Dogs And Steely Men

We’re back with a brand new episode! Mike and Joe discuss the new Superman film, Man of Steel! After that the guys talk about the season 3 premiere of Wilfred before talking to Wilfred himself, Jason Gann! We talk about the show and get a very special story about “semen ants”. Yes, really. What are you still reading this for, go listen NOW!


WILFRED: Jason Gann. CR: Frank Ockenfels / FX

POPCAST Dispatch 09: Going International

Your new favorite podcast is back after a week off! We get cosmopolitan this week as Michael and Joe welcome special guest John Mosby from Impact Online to talk about Matt Smith’s imminent departure from Doctor Who. After that we talk about our latest favorite returning series and then the meltdown of the Internet over a fictional wedding. All that and a tease of things to come on the latest POPCAST Dispatch!



POPCAST Dispatch 08: The Name Of The Darkness

It’s another new episode and this time Mike and Joe are joined by Rich Handley of Hasslein Books. Rich and Joe discuss Star Trek Into Darkness while Mike watches hockey. You can be assured that rants do ensue. Then Mike and Joe review the season finale of Doctor Who and wonder what they will talk about next week. POPCAST Dispatch episode 08 is ready for your listening pleasure!



POPCAST Dispatch 07: The Ubiquitously Ubiquitous Hour

This week Mike and Joe talk about the new fall TV shows that have caught their eye as well as reviewing the latest episode of Doctor Who. You want more? Let’s see…well, Joe brings back a 25 cent word and Mike reveals what he thinks of the Riddick franchise. And somewhere during the show the guys attempt to express their love for Pacific Rim and fail to be eloquent. Yes, it’s that kind of show. Enjoy!



POPCAST Dispatch 06: “The Crimson Horror” And Super-Hero Movie Fail

It’s an all-new POPCAST Dispatch, now expanded for your listening pleasure! We’re still tinkering with the format, but listen in as Mike and Joe discuss the possibly dismal future of the Marvel Movie Universe. Have the wheels already fallen off the cart? After that, we read listener email (We just got a letter!) and review the latest episode of Doctor Who. There may be a fair amount of tangents taken along the way and perhaps a rant or two. All that and a brand new intro song on this barely-serviceable episode of the one and only POPCAST Dispatch!