New Brew! Pomegranate Mead

This is actually the second time I’ve made this particular mead. The fiirst batch turned out so amazing that, if this one is as equally wonderful, I may make this my standard mead. Yes, the pomegranate juice makes is pretty tart, but the honey sweetness balances it out very nicely. I’m using a pretty standard honey and I’m wanting to experiment with, say, meadowfoam sometime soon. At any rate, here’s a pic and the recipe below.


2 pounds Kirkland Signature wildflower honey (yes, the stuff from Costco)

64oz POM pomegranate juice

Water to dissolve the honey and to top off to one gallon

It’s in the primary burbling away now and will be ready for secondary in about a month. We’ll see if it needs any backsweetening at that time before going into the secondary.

Joseph Dilworth Jr.

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