Observing Dark Matter #1 With Joe Mallozzi

Joe Mallozzi, who was a writer for the Stargate franchise for the better part of the last decade, has a new comic book series from Dark Horse Comics. Check out our full interview with him from December. Mallozzi has graciously agreed to answer a few questions about each issue of Dark Matter. Issue #1 is out today and here’s what he had to say about the beginning of his story:

First, not really a question, but this was a really great first issue. Sets up many questions and leaves the reader eager for more. Well done, I’m hooked!

JOE MALLOZZI: Great! Mission accomplished!

Before we dive into the story questions, what’s your reaction to seeing a full, published comic book written by you? You’ve had many TV episodes produced, but is there still a thrill seeing a comic book of yours become a reality?

JM: It’s funny. Despite the fact that I have some 300+ hours of produced television to my credit, seeing that finished digital copy of Dark Matter’s first issue elicited the same excitement and pride I felt when I watched my very first script brought to life.

The kid and the guy with the swords obviously have more going on than what’s on the surface. Would it be safe to assume that no one is what they seem to be?

JM: Oh, that’s a pretty safe assumption. Every member of the crew has more going on beneath the surface – and even more beneath that. Over the course of this series, we’ll be peeling the onion on their respective backstories and I guarantee plenty of surprises along the way.

I admittedly over-analyze stories, but there are some things in this first issue that feel very much like clues. Is it too early for me to start theorizing as to what’s going on?

JM: Not at all. I’ve spent so much time fleshing out these characters and this series as a whole that I can plan multiple steps ahead, foreshadowing future events and laying clues for observant readers. Everything from the kid’s bizarrely casual visceral reference to (what’s the deal with?) the swords. They’re all pieces to a much bigger puzzle.

The androids eyes change from red to blue at certain points. Should we look at that as to clue or is it just an indicator that he’s just doing a search of his memories?

JM: No, that was just a creative decision on artist Garry Brown’s part. In the original script, whenever the android accesses the ship’s computer, his eyes (red) switch to black and data scrolls down their surface.

Any teases for issue two, particularly the guy with the mustache on the cover?

JM: In issue two, the crew makes a discovery that could hold the key to some answers regarding their identities and mission. Of course, these answers are accompanied by certain dangerous complications…

Thank you to Joe Mallozzi for responding to our observations about Dark Matter #1. Please join us again next month for an in-depth look at issue #2!