Moonstone Comics Solicitations For July 2011

Story: Earl Mac Rauch/Paul D. Storrie
Art: David Daza
Colors: Patrick Williams
Covers: Paul Gulacy, Bill Wiist
32pgs, color, $3.99
Rated: PG-13

The man, the marvel, the human achievement, is back!
From the cult movie starring Peter Weller, John Lithgow, Ellen Barkin, and Jeff Goldblum!
The creators/film makers are telling NEW stories!
Your favorite neurosurgeon/rock star/adventurer returns, along with his Hong Kong Cavaliers, in: TEARS of a CLONE!…where a Death’s Head tank squad lurks in suburbia, talking bouncer-robots attack, expensive love wants to erupt, and Lectroids run with scissors, and then… shotguns! The world may never be the same.

Story: Gary Phillips
Art: Kevin Jones
Cover: Mark Maddox
16pgs, color, $1.99
Join (Vertigo) writer Gary Phillip as super spy Derek Flint returns to spin the swinging sixties on its head!
The Cold War is hot and so are the gorgeous mini-skirted women with their kung fu grip. Inventor, ballet instructor, dolphinologist and seeker of the third eye, Flint also battles dastardly villains and sultry Russian assassins. That Man Flint is retro revisionist fare capturing the fun and excitement of halcyon espionage outings like The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Steranko’s Nick Fury for today’s audience.

Story: Ian Ng
Art: Mark Sparacio
Colors: Abe Melendez
16pgs,FC, $1.99

A man who may hold the key to keeping the universe together hides behind a scholarly front. Five unlikely teammates seek him, but can they keep it together long enough to find him and who’s agenda do they follow?
Moonstone introduces a creator-owned effort from Mark (Heroes for Hire/ Jonah Hex)Sparacio and newcomer Ian Ng, ad-free in full color!

Story: Martin Powell, Gary Phillips
Art: Hannibal King, Jay Piscopo
Cover: Dan Brereton
32pgs, grayscale, $3.50

The Spider faces a monstrous flesh-eating evil that attacks invisibly from the filthy shadows, leaving doomed New York City in a panic-stricken state of hysteria and gruesome sudden death. None are immune to the plague of the Creeping Hell, not even Nita Van Sloan, the Spider’s beloved. PLUS: more Operator5!

Story: Steven L. Frank and the gang
Art: Various
Cover: Bill Maus
144pgs, color, $16.95

This volume collects the first five issues of the hilarity-packed and thrill-inducing series, Zombies vs Cheerleaders, including every hot cover and a brand new story exclusive to this trade! Reprinting the first three issues of ZvC, the Geektacular special with the 3 Geeks and the Flips Out story! Check out what all the crazy fun is about!

Story: John Chadwell
Art: Duncan Long
152pgs, b/w, 7” x 10”, $15.95

Widevision graphic novel!
A new breed of werewolf!
Holy warriors, led by a 900-year-old knight who fought beside El Cid, now in a deadly struggle against a motorcycle gang headed by Satan’s ken, hell bent on revenge. The Aceves family is like no other. With patriarch, Roberto Aceves, forever a Spanish knight after being bitten by a werewolf, he and his clan have secretly fought man’s wars for 900 years. Today, near the abandoned mining town of New Idria, they must battle against a demon and his biker gang who want nothing more than to destroy the entire clan.

Joseph Dilworth Jr.

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