Ron’s Siege On ‘Siege’ Continues With Issue 2!

When reading a MARVEL comic there are certain things that you don’t expect. You knew that someone would die, but you don’t expect any kind of incredibly malevolent behavior. And that is how they get you.

This issue creates such a scene of panic and despair in the beginning that when the final page does hit you, it sends shivers up your spine. This is a really great way to set the stage for the new Heroic Age of Marvel.

Ron’s Things to Consider:

1. When the heroes left to join the fray at Asgard, Ares son, the God of Fear, Alexander is left behind because he is “this is war” and he is “too young”. One can only venture a guess at what the strained relationship between Alexander and his father will spawn after a rather unsettling development becomes clear to everyone.

2. What will happen with TWO Captain America’s on the battlefield?

3. Thor is down but not out – what role will he play in how this all pans out?

4. Everyone is starting to forget that there is one Tony Stark who has yet to throw his metal helmet in the ring. Could the founding Avenger be the one to finally stop Norman’s Dark Reign?

5. I am currently out of pie. I am taking donations of pie. Please contact the site.

Ron Purtee

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