‘Supernatural’ Con Report Part 2

[NOTE – You can find part 1, with the Q & A with Jensen Ackles here]

Jared Padalecki wondered on to the convention stage interrupting Jensen Ackles answer to a question. As an excuse to bother his friend, or perhaps an apology, Jensen handed him a cup of coffee. Jensen thanked him and took a taste, suddenly yelling, “What are you trying to do to me?” Apparently it was very hot and very strong coffee.

But now it was Jared’s turn to answer questions.

POP CULTURE ZOO: I understand your mother is an English teacher. Does she ever talk to you about the mythological arch in the show now that it’s developed more?

JARED PADALECKI: Yes. She’s a high school English teacher. And yes, she does. Actually that’s one of the things I really got into about the script in the first place. Supernatural really has a very strong base in mythology and archetypes, like the Reluctant Hero, the Friendly Beast, and The Weapon. The same things you see in Star Wars, Matrix. It’s just chopped full of mythology and archetypes and that’s one of the reasons [I liked it]. I guess she kind of instilled in me a love of mythology and literature. I really connected with it when I read the script.

PCZ: What would Sam’s first pick be if Dean ever let him pick the music in the Impala?

PADALECKI: I think because he has such a fond memory of a certain dance it would have to be “Eye of the Tiger”. “Final Countdown” is pretty good too, but nothing kicks it off like good ole “Eye of the Tiger”.

PCZ: What is the best prank you ever pulled on Jensen?

PADALECKI: I think the best prank I ever played on Jensen was, going back to the last question, was making him dance to that “Eye of the Tiger”. Because he just thought it was going to be acting and it turned into a fun little thing that’s part of Supernatural history now.

PCZ: When you read the script for “On the Head of a Pin” what was your reaction of Sam drinking Demon blood?

PADALECKI: That’s a good question. I never really knew what was going on. I sort of knew he was drinking Demon blood but I didn’t know if he was pouring it into a cup… a little smoothie. No, but I thought it was interesting. It was fun to play because we kind of decided, and discovered that Sam is an addict. He’s not a drug addict, but I guess Demon blood is a drug. So kind of researching drinking blood and what it does to you when you steal a person’s soul. There’s a whole kind of lore about drinking a person’s blood. I thought it was great, great for the story line and something I know, that you don’t know, is that it comes into play real heavy towards the end of the year. So I’m really happy about it.

PCZ: What are your favorite memories on set?

PADALECKI: Wrapping at 4 in the morning [that morning] even though it’s very fresh. My favorite memories on set are the really, really tough scenes. Because you get so devoted to your character and so dedicated to what’s going on that when it’s done you have this feeling like ‘ha ha’… like you’ve just finished a marathon or something. So the ends of hard episodes are always a good feeling for me. And off camera it’s just hanging out.

PCZ: In “Yellow Fever” what was the hardest thing to do… to not break character?

PADALECKI: You know, it wasn’t even the laughing part. It’s just a wash, I laugh no matter what. So the hardest scene for me to do in that episode was the scene with the snake coming over the couch. I never thought I was scared of snakes, but having a snake coming over a couch… I couldn’t shot it [the scene]. I literally had to walk away. It will end up on the gag reel, because Jensen is supposed to get scared of the snake as it’s coming over and Sam is supposed to go, “Ha, ha, Dean you’re a scaredy cat.” But instead, I’m like, I’m out of here. And I kind of got up and left. That was the hardest thing to do.

PCZ: What was the hardest thing physically you had to do?

PADALECKI: I guess not physically, but the idea of that… There have actually been some very physically demanding things on the bill. Obviously we have stunt guys and they do the majority of the fighting and falling, but on that note I always go back to Season 1, where we fought. It was a big time fight scene and we came in on the weekend to rehearse. That was really tough and it took all day to shot it. You get really into it and then they need a piece of someone smashing into a book case so you go through the whole thing and by the end of the day I was just beat. I was exhausted.

PCZ: What was the most intense scene for you to shot for Season 4?

PADALECKI: It would have been some stuff we just did which you don’t know about. I’m not going to ruin it because I’d be killed. (Laughter.) But Episode 21 which I think is called “When the Levee Breaks”. The first half, you’ll know.