Review: G.I. Joe Dreadnoks Torch & Ripper Comic Pack

With the immense strength and momentum of Hasbro’s G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary line, comes as no surprise that they are releasing loads of new versions of classic characters, constantly providing fans with more figures to hunt. Thanks to the use of the comic-book two-pack model, Hasbro has given fans the opportunity to hunt down even more new figures than originally expected and several amazing entries have been delivered into the line as a result! One such set includes new versions of two of the original Dreadnoks, Torch and Ripper.

This set of Dreadnoks comes in Hasbro’s standard packaging for comic two-packs, a blister card/bubble combo with the figures secured and in full view. One thing that struck me in particular about it was the way the vivid pictures on the included comic contrast with those of the figures, making them quite eye-catching. The MOC display here is fantastic, making this a great product for both MOC and loose collectors.

The sculpt on each Dreadnok is awesome! Frankly, I felt the old sculpt on Ripper was horrible, but this new one really makes him look fantastic. His tattoos look great. the sculpt is well-engineered and and overall he is one of the best looking Australian mercenary figures I’ve ever seen. Torch also looks fantastic and the removable vest is truly an added bonus for the figure. Torch is kit-bashed from previous sculpts (less the head and part of his leg), BUT the re-use of parts has enabled Hasbro to continue producing these figs at low cost to the buying public. For those looking to complain about the recycling of sculpts, I politely invite you to shut your face and appreciate that the new characters keep coming… because they rule!

The paint apps for each figure are also solid. Detailed attention has been paid to their tattoos and jewelry, as well as some of their accessories such as Torch’s vest. The apps are all crisp and strong, with no discoloration or smudging, and they accentuate the details on the figures to make them look sensational.

The accessories are great pieces that mix both new and old parts. Torch’s flamethrower with removable fuel bottle looks awesome and that the flame-thrower fits on his belt is a great added bonus. Ripper’s gun is cool and he also comes with articulated jaws of life, which totally rules. Those who had the original Ripper figure will remember that his jaws accessory didn’t open. These new ones do and add to the figure’s very unique accessories. Given that the figures also come with a name-specific 25th Anniversary base, this excellent set pulls together a great bunch of extras.

The included comic is an original issue from Marvel’s G.I. Joe series, but it features a commemorative cover that looks stellar. The story itself is equally as good. I won’t get into details here, but I will say that the story features the Dreadnoks riding motorcycles, breaking into a Joe airfield and destroying numerous vehicles. If that’s not what you want from Dreadnoks, there is nothing I can do to help you. This is the two at their most ludicrously fun, and the battle-heavy comic is an awesome added value to an already spectacular set.

You can find this comic two-pack from $9.99 on shelves to $14.99 online, making this set is a great deal that I encourage any Joe fan to find. With this comic pack, you’re essentially getting the figures for less than the cost of two single-carded figures. This set offers new characters at a cheaper price, which in my book equals an exceptional value. Looking at these troublemaking hooligans, you can just picture them getting on bikes and cruising down the highway to Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” They rule, and all Hasbro needs to bring us now is a 25th Anniversary Zarana, Zandar, Thrasher and Monkey Wrench to make the old school Dreadnoks complete.

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C. J. Stunkard

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