(UPDATED)Legend of the Seeker: New Teasers

[Update] Legendoftheseeker.com has released a look up tool for finding show times and stations in you local area. Find out when to when to watch by clicking here.

As we near the November 1st premier of the “Legend of the Seeker,” three new short teasers have been posted to legendoftheseeker.com.  Each of the teasers focus on one the main characters, Richard Cypher (Craig Horner), Kahlan (Bridget Regan) and Zed (Bruce Spence).

Click for the Video Player

To accompany the video a few more stills have been released.  Enjoy these below.

What appears to be a Quad in pursuit…

Richard, Kahlan and Zed

Zed casts a web (a spell for those who aren’t fans of the book)

Richard… chopping wood

“Legend of the Seeker” premiers on November 1st. This is a syndicated show, consult your local listings for show times.