Dynamite Entertainment Comics On Sale March 16

Penciller/Inker: Chris Bolson

A violent storm floods the lonely countryside, and Sonja takes shelter in a cramped Inn. After a deadly altercation with the town bully, Sonja vows to keep out of the locals’ power struggles. But when the dead man’s brothers appear, all Hell breaks loose indoors as Mother Nature rages around them, threatening to awaken a long buried horror in the earth. Also featuring reprints of classic Sonja material!

Writer: Eric Trautmann
Penciller/Inker: Wagner Reis w/ Fabiano Neves

Vampirella’s pursuit of Dracula has revealed a cult of vampires, worshippers of an ancient evil, one so vast and terrible that even the Lord of the Vampires respects — and perhaps fears — it. As the world stands between eternal chaos and an endless army of blood-drinking horrors, Vampirella, plagued with nightmare visions of her past and of possible future, may finally have met her match.

Writer: Arvid Nelson
Penciller/Inker: Lui Antonio

John Carter finally arrives on Mars. A pack of bloodthirsty green Martians led by the fearsome Tars Tarkas shows up to welcome him. Tars and Carter might become great friends and allies — if they don’t kill each other first! Carter find that Mars’s weaker gravity imparts his earthly muscles with superhuman strength.

Writer: Scott Beatty
Penciller/Inker: Eduardo Ferigato

The Ghost Who Walks has traveled from the Deep Woods to the concrete jungle of New York City to find the villains responsible for the deaths all around him! Armed with weapons both old and new, Kit Walker has accepted his birthright, but at what cost? As The Phantom’s “Ghost Walk” closes in on its climactic conclusion, Kit reactivates the Jungle Patrol for its most important mission yet!

Writer: Ande Parks
Penciller/Inker: Esteve Pols

The legendary masked crime-fighter called Zorro, now in his sixties, has hung up his cape and sword. Living on a peaceful ranch in the new state of California, Don Diego tends to his cattle, breaks horses, and enjoys the company of his wife. When a renegade band of Confederate bushwhackers attack a nearby Indian settlement, though, Don Diego cannot just stand by and let innocents be slaughtered. Zorro heads back into action again… for the last time. Guest starring another legendary masked lawman – The Lone Ranger!

Writer: Jai Nitz
Penciller/Inker: Colton Worley

Get the first chapter of an all-new story arc! Kato travels to New York, and the infamous Hellfire Club, to sniff out a story for the Sentinel. Kato goes undercover as a Siamese prince to unearth an illegal business collusion from some of the East Coast’s richest families. But when a prominent businessman is murdered in a closed room, everyone becomes a suspect. This looks like a job for a ninja crime fighter!

Moonstone Comics Solicitations For April 2010

Lots of Phantom and lots of covers to pick from Moonstone in April!

PhanCap2A-100Phantom -Captain Action #2(of 2)
Story: Mike Bullock, Art: Reno Maniquis
Cover A: Art Thibert, Cover B: Mark Sparacio,
40pgs, color, $4.50
The over-sized conclusion!

Together again for the first time! The Phantom and Captain Action were forever united in the 1960s when the original Captain Action toy was released with a Phantom costume, allowing Cap to “transform” into the Ghost Who Walks. Now, the two timeless titans collide in the first concussive crossover ever created.

PhanCap2B-100Captain Action and Diana have tracked down the Phantom’s kidnappers, but when the bullets start flying, and their plan is shot full of holes, the entire world may come crashing down around them before their mission is accomplished. Guest Starring Lady Action!












PhanUNM1A-100The Phantom: Unmasked #1
Story: Martin Powell, Art: Hannibal King
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse, Covers: Franchesco, Jahbulani Ori
32pgs, color, $3.99

A dying billionaire induces a brilliant investigator to bring back proof of Life after Death, worth a million dollar reward. She encounters rumors of the legendary Ghost Who Walks, perilously pursuing his secrets into the Deep Woods. Little does she realize that her billionaire benefactor is playing them both, with a sinister agenda, and a vicious vendetta, against the Man Who Cannot Die!








KLD-A2-100Kolchak: Lovecraftian Damnation
Story: CJ Henderson, Art: Robert Hack
Colors: Evan Shaver, Covers: Robert Hack, Doug Klauba
48pgs, color, $4.99

Long awaited sequel to The Lovecraftian Horror!
Tired of waiting for either fame or fortune, all Carl Kolchak really wants out of life is a good meal washed down by good Scotch. As you might guess, once again even such modest wishes aren’t in the cards. This time around, the man in the pork pie hat is beset by not only an all-powerful horror from beyond, but one that has gained both a staggering intellect and Necronomicon! Told in “widevision”!






PGWW10A-300The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks #10
Story: Mike Bullock, Art: Silvestre Syzilagyi
Colors: Bob Pedroza, Covers: by Steve Scott
32pgs, color, $3.99
“Godfall” Part III (of V)

Child Soldiers, old enemies and dark hallways deep within HIM’s castle aren’t exactly what Phantom had in mind. But wait until he discovers what’s waiting for him deep in the bowels of the bloodiest castle in all of Africa.


”This book looks as good as anything coming out of the Big Two, and it reads better than most of it.” – Comixtreme

“The Phantom may be decades old but his stories continue to be fresh, relevant and exciting.” – BrokenFrontier






Phantom Double Shot #5: KGB Noir (of 6)
Stories: Mike Bullock, Nancy Holder
Art: Fernando Peniche, Cover: Dennis Calero
24pgs, b/w, $2.99

A Special Noir Mini-Series Starring The Phantom with Tectonic Tie-In Tales Featuring Moonstone Books’ Best and Brightest Stars!
Deep in the bowels of Madeira Island, the Ghost Who Walks deals with the repercussions of the Hammer Strike! And then, Domino Lady tries to commute A Death Sentence of a Russian Hollywood stuntman who fears being found by the Russian Secret Police.

The Phantom Generations #13
Story: Robert Weinberg, Art: Andy Bennett
Cover: Eugenio Mattozzi
32pgs, color, $3.99

Left Hand of the Devil…
Join author Robert Weinberg for a tale of the 13th Phantom and his wife as they travel to the US and take a “vacation” on a riverboat, but are soon embroiled in a crooked gambling plot. Along the way, they cross paths with Phantom’s old friend, Jim Bowie….