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SDCC 08: Podcast Episode 3 – The Road Goes Ever On…

And thus, we present our final podcast from San Diego Comic Con 2008. This was recorded in the car on the long journey back to Portland.  Joe, Ian and Devin give their thoughts on their first SDCC experience while Dan continuously interrupts.  The crew discusses highlights, lowlights and the general bewilderment of SDCC.  We breathe a collective sigh of relief and hope to Crom that the Tardis (our new name for our transport vessel) makes it home in one piece.

Listen now as this may be the last we are heard from!


SDCC 08: The ‘Heroes’ Panel

The cavernous Hall H quickly reached its 6500 person capacity for a panel premiering the entire first episode of Heroes’ third season.

Jeph Loeb brought out the entire cast (I think that curly-haired kid was the only one not there) before bringing Heroes creator Tim Kring to the stage. Kring showed the audience an attaché, which held a copy of the new episode inside.

After apologizing for Season 2, the series is looking to getting back to the first season in every possible way—especially the plot.

Chapter One is titled “The Second Coming,” and looks like it will follow our ragtag ensemble of powers as they try to prevent a catastrophic future timeline. Again.

Also, Sylar’s back to his skull-busting ways and one of the main cast-members gets a first-hand taste.

After the episode screened, the cast came back to answer some mostly painful audience Q &A.

Asked to explain the season is a word, Kring replied “adrenaline” – teasing Dr. Suresh’s new discovery that looks to change the mythology of the Heroes-verse.

The episode was a packed 40-plus minutes that set up the year’s individual storylines for our players—for better or worse.

Expect a more in-depth PCZ review of the episode after our con-hangover.

SDCC 08: Photos From The Con Floor

Preview night was a blast and we took a lot of photos.  Head on over to our San Diego Comic Con 2008 Photo Gallery to check out amazing visuals from the Con floor like the Owl Ship from The Watchmen at the Warner Bros. booth.  We also have extensive photos from Weta’s Booth, including a first look at their new Halo statues.  We also have a James Bond’s new ride from Quantum of Solace and it’s very shiny. Plus… well, a whole lot more. Go now and check them out!

SDCC 08: PCZ Podcast Episode 1

And so it begins. Our first podcast from the road to San Diego Comic Con 2008. What happens when you get four geeks in a car together on a long trip to the geek event of the year? Give a listen and find out. Dan, Joe, Ian and Devin prep for SDCC by talking about what we are looking forward to seeing on the Con floor, all while playing a bit of Diablo 2 on our mobile wi-fi network!

Warning: There is a little flavorful language, but not enough to really offend anyone. Thank you and stay tuned this week for more fun from Southern California.


SDCC 08: FULL Con Schedule Is Up

With less than two weeks to go before the start of the biggest pop culture event of the year, the complete schedule for the San Diego Comic Con 2008 has finally been posted. It is a very packed schedule this year for sure, with heavy emphasis on television shows. We are currently finalizing our plans for the con, including coverage of the major events and panels and a whole bunch of interviews, not to mention previews and reviews of all sorts of products, films, tv shows and comics. If you’re going to be there and have something you want to show off or would like to schedule an interview with us, now is the time to get in touch. Our schedule is rapidly filling up, but we’d love to include YOU! Send an email to your humble Editor-in-Chief and we’ll figure something out. Thanks and see you at the show!