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Richard Castle’s Derrick Storm Returns In Graphic Novel

Have you always wondered about Richard Castle’s original creation, Derrick Storm? Here’s your chance! And for those of you who have never watched Castle, this should still be an entertaining read. You can get a sneak peek of this Graphic Novel in the season finale of Castle, airing May 16 at 10:00 PM on ABC. One point of criticism though, Marvel says this is part of their ongoing initiative to bring new readers to comics. I humbly suggest that a $20 hardbound graphic novel is not really the way to accomplish that. Try a more moderately priced book in an actual comic book format. That’s just my opinion.

When viewers first met Richard Castle, he had reached celebrity author status with the success of his Derrick Storm mystery novels. In an unprecedented collaborative effort between Marvel, ABC Studios and the producers of Castle, the adventures of Derrick Storm will be chronicled in an all new graphic novel from some of the most accomplished creators in the industry. “I am honored and humbled to see Derrick Storm join the ranks of some of the greatest heroes of all-time,” said Richard Castle. “Being a part of the Marvel family is a childhood fantasy come true for me.”

Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm brings together a star studded cast of the best creators in the industry, including co-writers Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick; interior artist Lan Medina; and cover artist Carlo Pagulayan.

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with marvel to bring Richard Castle’s early literary works to life,” said Andrew W. Marlowe, Castle creator/executive producer. “It’s a great way to expand the Castle universe for all our fans.”

The release of Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm marks the first adaptation, in any medium, of the Derrick Storm novels by New York Times best-selling author Richard Castle.

“It’s exciting to bring the Derrick Storm novels to life for the first time ever” said Axel Alonso, Marvel Entertainment Editor in Chief. “Whether you’re new to the world of Castle or a long time fan, there’s something for everyone in Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm – and it’s the kind of book that reaffirms Marvel’s commitment to creating new fans of comic books.”

Rated T+…$19.99
ISBN: 978-0-7851-5327-6

ABC Renews Six Series

Fueled by solid ratings and well-received Fall returns, ABC has announced today that it has given season renewals for six of its series. The series already slated for the 2011-2012 season are Castle, Cougar Town, Grey’s Anatomy, The Middle, Modern Family and Private Practice. ABC still has several strong contenders for renewal (such as Desperate Housewives, Detroit 1-8-7 and V), but further such decisions aren’t expected until the Spring. For now, Here’s a look at the the six series coming back in the Fall:

When viewers first met Richard Castle — a famous mystery novelist and divorced father raising his teenage daughter, while being kept grounded by his Broadway diva mother — he was creatively blocked. But when the NYPD questioned him in connection with a series of murders staged to imitate crime scenes from his books, Castle found inspiration in NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, a bright and aggressive homicide detective with a fascination for odd and offbeat cases stemming from the years-old unsolved murder of her own mother. Though they instantly clashed, sparks of another sort began to fly, leading both to danger and a hint of romance as Castle stepped in to help find the copycat killer. Once that initial case was solved, Castle and Beckett continued to investigate strange homicides in New York, combining Castle’s writer intuition and Beckett’s creative detective work.

The series stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as Detective Kate Beckett, Ruben Santiago-Hudson as NYPD Captain Roy Montgomery, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito, Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, with Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers.

Castle is produced by ABC Studios. Andrew Marlowe is creator/executive producer, with Rob Bowman, Laurie Zaks, David Amann and Armyan Bernstein also executive producers.

Courteney Cox stars as Jules Cobb in her Golden Globe®-nominated role as a recently divorced mom in her forties facing the often humorous challenges, pitfalls and rewards of life’s next chapter. Along for the journey are her son – a college freshman — ex-husband and friends who, together, make up her dysfunctional but supportive and caring extended family… even if they have a funny way of showing it sometimes.

Cougar Town stars Courteney Cox as Jules, Christa Miller as Ellie, Busy Philipps as Laurie, Dan Byrd as Travis, Josh Hopkins as Grayson, Ian Gomez as Andy and Brian Van Holt as Bobby and is executive produced by Bill Lawrence (Scrubs), Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Kevin Biegel (Scrubs).

Grey’s Anatomy is the recipient of the 2007 Golden Globe® Award for Best Television Series – Drama, and multiple Emmy nominations, including two for Outstanding Drama Series.

The doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital deal with life-or-death consequences on a daily basis – it’s in one another that they find comfort, friendship and, at times, more than friendship. Together they’re discovering that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of grey.

Grey’s Anatomy stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber, Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres, Eric Dane as Mark Sloan, Chyler Leigh as Lexie Grey, Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt, Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins, Kim Raver as Teddy Altman, Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery and Sarah Drew as April Kepner.

Grey’s Anatomy was created and is executive-produced by Shonda Rhimes. Betsy Beers, Mark Gordon, Krista Vernoff, Rob Corn, Mark Wilding, Tony Phelan, Joan Rater are executive producers. Grey’s Anatomy is an ABC Studios production.

Two-time Emmy winner Patricia Heaton stars in this warm and witty single-camera comedy about raising a family and lowering your expectations. Middle-aged, middle class and living in the middle of the country in Orson, Indiana, Frankie Heck is a harried wife and working mother of three who uses her wry wit and sense of humor in an attempt to get her family through each day intact. Her work life’s no easier. With her friend and co-worker, Bob, she struggles day to day as the least successful sales woman at the town’s only surviving car dealer. Frankie’s unflappable husband, Mike, is manager at the local quarry and her sardonic partner in the daily grind that is raising their average – yes, most definitely average – family.

Between juggling shifts and picking up fast food dinners eaten in front of the TV, Frankie and Mike raise their kids with love, humor and solid Midwestern practicality. Axl, the oldest, is a teenage jock who eats them out of house and home and walks around the house in his underwear. Then there’s Sue, their extraordinarily ordinary teen daughter, who fails at just about everything she tries with great gusto – although she’s hoping her recent acceptance on the school’s beleaguered no-cut cross country team might just turn things around. And last is Brick, their quirky third-grader, who reads constantly, whispers to himself and has a best friend who’s his backpack. But through all the madness shines a loving family, and together, the Hecks are putting THE MIDDLE on the map.

The Middle stars Patricia Heaton as Frankie, Neil Flynn as Mike, Charlie McDermott as Axl, Eden Sher as Sue, Atticus Shaffer as Brick and Chris Kattan as Bob.

The Middle was created and is executive produced by Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline. The series is from Warner Bros. Television.

ABC’s Emmy Award-winning hit comedy Modern Family takes a modern and often hilarious look at the complications that come with being a family today. Jay Pritchett, with his much younger wife Gloria and her son Manny, sits as the patriarch of a large blended family that includes his grown daughter Claire, who has three kids of her own with her husband Phil, and a grown son Mitchell, who adopted a Vietnamese baby with his gay life partner Cameron. These three families are unique unto themselves, and together they give us a window into the sometimes warm, sometimes twisted embrace of the modern family.

Modern Family stars Ed O’Neill as Jay, Sofía Vergara as Gloria, Julie Bowen as Claire, Ty Burrell as Phil, Eric Stonestreet as Cameron, Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell, Sarah Hyland as Haley, Ariel Winter as Alex, Nolan Gould as Luke and Rico Rodriguez as Manny.

The series is produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television in association with Levitan Lloyd Productions. Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd are executive producers/creators.

From Shonda Rhimes, the Golden Globe-winning creator of Grey’s Anatomy, comes the story of a team of gifted doctors working together to change the lives of their patients for the better as they look to one another for friendship and love.

The doctors of Oceanside Wellness and Pacific Wellcare work on the most difficult cases, patients whose medical needs often pose moral and ethical dilemmas. Though they may heatedly disagree at work, and though their personal lives may complicate matters, at the end of the day they are the best of friends , always ready to be there for each other.

Private Practice stars Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery, Tim Daly as Dr. Pete Wilder, Audra McDonald as Dr. Naomi Bennett, Paul Adelstein as Dr. Cooper Freedman, KaDee Strickland as Dr. Charlotte King, Brian Benben as Dr. Sheldon Wallace and Caterina Scorsone as Dr. Amelia Shepherd, with Taye Diggs as Dr. Sam Bennett and Amy Brenneman as Dr. Violet Turner.

“Private Practice” was created by Shonda Rhimes and is executive-produced by Rhimes, Betsy Beers, Mark Gordon, Mark Tinker, Steve Blackman and Craig Turk. “Private Practice” is an ABC Studios Production.

Lots Of ‘Castle’ Teaser Images For Monday, March 8th

We have a murder of images for you today from tonight’s episode of Castle. When a half-naked woman is found covered in caramel sauce and hanging by bondage cuffs in a public park, Castle (NATHAN FILLION) and Beckett’s (STANA KATIC) investigation takes them into New York’s underground world of sexual domination. Naturally the case serves as sexy fodder for their already charged relationship banter. “The Mistress Always Spanks Twice” airs MONDAY, MARCH 8th at 10:00 PM on ABC. Click on the images below to enlarge.

Read Before Watching: March 16th

I was prepared to dislike Kings, I really was. Usually, if a show gets universal praise and is instantly loved, especially prior to any episodes even airing, I’m resistant to giving it a chance. Call it a character flaw. So, it was with considerable reluctance that I watched the premiere episode. What did I think? Well, without an ounce of hyperbole or even the smallest amount of exaggeration, I would say Kings is the best series on television right now. Yes, after just one episode, it is that good. The story is a modern day retelling of the Biblical story of King David, yes he of David and Goliath fame. It’s probably more accurate to say “loosely based”, but all the major players are there, even if some are renamed somewhat. The setting has been updated to a contemporary alternate version of the United States. That pitch right there made me go “meh” at first, I freely admit. There’s also the problem of a very familiar story; even if you’ve never been to Sunday School, you pretty much know how it’s going to play out. That should in no way deter you from watching this extraordinary show.



I first saw Ian McShane in an episode of Space:1999 many, many years ago, but really came to appreciate him as an actor in the highly acclaimed (and much missed) series Lovejoy. My appreciation for his work has only increased in leaps and bounds over the years. I thought that his role as Al Swearengen in Deadwood would be his crowning achievement, but his portrayal here of King Silas trumps that. He handles every scene flawlessly, even when he’s silently reacting to another character. All the other actors all bring their best to this as well, in particular, and most surprisingly, Christopher Egan as David. Egan plays David as a very naive boy who only wants to see good in the world and doesn’t yearn for nor want power. But you can see flashes of the leader he is destined to be as the story progresses and in Egan’s performance. That should be enough prompting right there to get you to watch the premiere on NBC.com and then tune in every Sunday at 8:00 PM to watch this magnificent tale unfold.




This is another show I wasn’t too sure of, but knew I would be checking out just based on the fact that it stars Nathan Fillion. I’m pleased to say that it turned out way better than I expected. True, it’s another procedural show, but any series with a literary bent is ok in my book. This one airs on ABC Mondays at 10:00 PM, so it won’t interfere with you catching Chuck and Heroes, which are on a break this week anyway. Castle has been firmly added to the “watch” list.



The Mentalist is back after a month hiatus and is now on Tuesdays at 9:00PM on CBS. Lie To Me (when it actually is on) is now airing on Wednesdays at 8:00PM on Fox, which means it is now no longer up against the second best show, ABC’s Lost, which airs an hour later on ABC. Ok, Dollhouse definitely improved last week so, as long as it maintains at least this level of quality or better, I’m in for the rest of the season. It airs on Fox Fridays at 9:00PM, however this week you’re going to want to DVR it. Friday at 9:00PM on SCI FI (soon to be SyFy) airs the final two hours of Battlestar Galactica. I’m still saying it isn’t going to end well, but end it will. Check back next week for my wrap-up of the entire series.

That’s it for this week. See you Sunday for another look at what I’ll be watching next week.

Read Before Watching: March 8th

Spotlight: WCG Ultimate Gamer
Tuesday night sees the debut of a new reality series on SCI FI, WCG Ultimate Gamer. Just so you know, as a rule I do not watch reality show. TV is meant for escapist entertainment and if I want to see real people being idiots or in competition with other real people I’ll go to the mall (also something else I like to avoid). However, if you’re talking about a show that is designed to find the best video gamer in the country and features the contestants not only playing the games, but real life versions of said games…ok, I’m in.

The show starts with twelve gamers chosen from a wide spectrum who move into a loft together and enter into various competitions collectively and individually. There was a wide net cast in regards to recruiting for the show. According to Executive Producer Dwight Smith in a recent conference call, “We did a national casting call and we had open auditions in cities across the country and solicited people through gaming sites and through different gaming organizations. And they were tested on various criteria. Obviously personality is a huge part of being cast on a reality show but on this particular show skill was also extremely important. So they were put through multiple rigorous gaming tests where they were tested in their skills and abilities at games in all different genres. Because our show was looking for the best overall gamer we tested them in multiple genres at different times.”



It looks like each of the eight episodes will focus on one particular game, as the first episode focuses on Rock Band 2. However, before they actually play the game, the group is broken up into three bands who must learn a song by The Donnas and then perform the song to not only a live audience, but to four judges, The Donnas themselves. Then the the line-up of the three bands is rearranged with each performing Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy” in the game itself. Both of these competitions determine the ranking of all twelve players with the lowest scoring player having to face off in a one-on-one elimination game with another player chosen by the person in first place.

To make things more interesting, all twelve players move in together into a loft for the duration of the series. Sure, this may seem like a soap opera excess, but what happens there directly effects other aspects of the competition as friendships (presumably romances, eventually) and alliances are formed. This all begins to alter how each person plays with, against, the others. Executive Producer Michael Agbabian said, “I think people are going to be surprised at how much reality plays out in this series. It is a show about gaming certainly but there’s a lot that happens on the reality side. And not only in terms of like strategy and alliances and love interests and all that stuff but it really starts playing into the game play itself in terms of like outcomes of certain episodes.”



Hosts Hannah Simone and Joel Gourdin probably play things way more seriously than they need to be and there are camera shots at certain moments that back that up, but I doubt there would be many people that would watch a dozen people silently playing video games for an hour. I’ll admit that I was rolling my eyes at the melodrama of it all during the first few minutes of the show, but by the fifteen minute mark I was pretty much hooked. Ultimately, WCG Ultimate Gamer has two things going for it: A likable group of kick-ass gamers and the fact that the show is, wisely, limited to only eight episodes. This isn’t a The Real World with video games, but there is enough there to get you attached to some of the players as well as developing a vested interested in seeing how it all turns out. The series premiere is Tuesday at 10:00PM on SCI FI.

Photos courtesy of SCI FI Channel.

Weekly Roundup
Here are the other show I will be checking out this week:

Chuck (NBC, Monday 8:00PM): This week it looks like the erstwhile James Bond, MI-6 Agent Cole Barker (Jonathan Cake), is still around this week. I’m starting to get tired of the whole back and forth romance with Chuck and Sarah. I am not interested in seeing it continue this way for the entirety of the series. Resolve it one way or the other and soon.

Heroes (NBC, Monday 9:00PM): Parkman is da bomb, Claire wants a geeky job and Sylar meets daddy.

Castle (ABC, Monday 10:00PM): The only reason I’m even wtaching the first episode of this new series is because of Mr. Nathan Fillion. I’ll let you know next week if I plan to continue.

Lie To Me (Fox, Wednesday 8:00PM): I hope the erratic airing and schedule jumping this show has done hasn’t already doomed it to failure. The quality has consistently been going up and it is very enjoyable.

Dollhouse (Fox, Friday 9:00PM): This show is still all over the place as far as quality, but last week was good enough to keep me watching. This week is supposed to offer more show mythology goodness.

Battlestar Galactica (SCI FI, Friday 10:00PM): It’s all been leading to this, the first hour of the three hour series conclusion. The dominoes will all be falling into place as over five years of story are brought to an end. My series wrap-up of this show will be up the weekend after the finale airs.

Ashes To Ashes (BBC America, Saturday 9:00PM): Sharp writing and a heavy dollop of nostalgia, good times.

Next week I’ll take a look at the premiere of Kings. Until then, keep the dial right here!