DVDs With Dean – Release Date December 15th

This Week’s Tastiest Morsel
The Hangover (Unrated Two-Disc Special Edition)
The breakout hit comedy comes with new original content like an addition nine minutes of footage in the extended cut of the film, a feature of extended Ken Jeung improv, and a improv sung created and sung by the three stars. They also created one of the first features that made me angry not to have Blu-ray as that edition has a Picture-in-Picture commentary with the stars and Director Todd Phillips.

Fresh Catches
Inglourious Basterds (Two-Disc Special Edition)
For a man who loves to talk I continue to wonder why Quentin Tarantino still avoids making an audio commentary. Had he made one it might have persuaded me to make this the pick of the week, but instead they made a few features over-exposing Rod Taylor.

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
I thought that the success of The Hangover would rocket this film with a similar style and cast to new heights but it performed very poorly in the theaters. Now it hopes to cash in again next to The Hangover and I think it should find more of its audience on DVD.

G-Force (Three-Disc DVD/Blu-ray Combo +Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]
An elite team of spy Guinea Pigs are called to foil a plot to take over the world. And family movies continue to be poor unless it was made by Pixar. For a differing opinion, check out Joe’s review here.

Taking Woodstock
Ang Lee wisely fled from the world of action and returns to awkward drama where he tapped comedian Demetri Martin to play the closeted gay man who arranged to host Woodstock in his back yard. While I like Martin as a stand up, few people liked his performance in this film and I wonder if he is going to be able to expand his career in this way.

The Other Man
Liam Neeson and Laura Linney must love working together and for this film they recruited Antonio Banderas as the man who comes between the couple and sends Neeson on a quest to find his wife’s lover and why she needed one.

2009 New York Yankees: The Official World Series Film
Just like the Yankees bought themselves a championship, you can buy yourself a DVD set of the Yankees post-season finale.

Robot Chicken: Season Four
Seth Green and company are fully in their groove now, and they have been getting the green light for their seasons faster and easier.

The Head: The Complete Series and The Maxx: The Complete Series
MTV had a lot of success with Beavis and Butthead, but they also made two sub-par series which I never thought would see the light of day on DVD. But The Head and The Maxx are both being released this week with every existing episode, although the DVDs are being made on the cheap and may not play in devices like Computers and some crappy DVD players.