Ten of the Best Flash Multiverse Stories

This article was previously published six years ago at the now-defunct Hero’s Collector website. With The Flash film debuting this week, I thought it was a great time to dust this off and republish it! Originally publish February, 2017. Reprinted here with formatting and image edits. Ten of the Best Flash Multiverse Stories This week […]

Well, That Didn’t Go To Plan

So, yeah, my cunning plan to change this into a full time blog kinda went pear-shaped. It’s been nearly two years since I’ve actually posted anything. In the meantime, I’ve written for several anthologies (see the sidebar over there on the right) and have been working on a novel and now another short story. So, […]

Whither Joss Whedon?

On Sunday, producer and architect Kai Cole published an op-ed piece at The Wrap about her ex-husband, Joss Whedon, claiming that he had spent most of their fifteen year marriage being unfaithful and gaslighting her. As word spread about the article, its contents were not only shocking, but bitterly disappointing to his legion of fans, […]