Kristen Nedopak Launches The Geekie Awards!

Geek maven and brilliant Internet producer Kristen Nedopak has thrown down the uru hammer! It is time for Geeks in all media to finally get their due. Nedopak has launched The Geekie Awards, recognizing all things geek and nerd…basically the Oscars for everything you love. The Call for Entries is open now, so read the details below and then get thee to the Official Website to submit your entry! Official Press Release Follows:

We are delighted to announce Executive Producer/Creator/Entrepreneur Kristen Nedopak will launch a new awards show celebrating all things Geekie! Over the past five years, the Geek Genre has gone mainstream, but within the Genre itself there are several niches and sub-sets of culture that need to be recognized in their own right. Enter The Geekie Awards!

“The Geekie Awards celebrates independent filmmakers, artists and creators in every genre imaginable. We, as creators, have never found a single show that covered all of our multi-faceted talents, from filmmaking to cosplay to comic book art. Film festivals usually lump our work into one generic Sci-Fi/Fantasy category, and half the time I don’t know who is actually looking at my stuff. So, we created our own awards show just for geeks! It was also very important to us to have judges who were experts in each of these categories, so you know the person looking at your work is qualified to critique it. Aside from that, we are going to promote EVERY submission as it comes in. The goal is to create the ‘Oscars for Geeks’ and a long-lasting community where quality work is awarded. Our hope is to host a live event during San Diego Comic-Con 2013, since most of our judges and fan will be there. Fingers crossed!” -Kristen Nedopak, Co-Founder / Content Creator / IAWTV Costume Design Nominee

The multiple categories to be celebrated include:
Short Films
Web Series
One Shots
Comic Books & Graphic Novels (including web comics)
Video Games (PC and mobile)
Cosplay & Fashion
Toys & Games
Art, Crafts & Food
Retail Stores & Websites
Crowdfunded Geek

“I am so excited to be a part of The Geekie Awards! People have been pleasing for an awards show like this…and I think it can bring alot of attention and exposure to talent that may otherwise have been more traditionally overlooked.” -Stephanie Thorpe, Geekies Judge

“As a seasoned costume designer and cosplayer, I’m excited to see the entries in the cosplay division of the Geekies! Cosplay is a unique art form celebrated by a large percentage of geeks! I am looking for a variety of diverse, well rounded costumes from all genres such as Comic Books, Anime, Video Games, Film & Television, original designs and more. Submit your best work to the Geekies!” -Yaya Han, award-winning Costume Designer

Other Judges include a powerhouse group of amazing ‘geekie’ experts! Including:

Jenna Busch (Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, Fanhattan)
Bonnie Burton (Revision 3)
Yaya Han (award-winning costume designer),
Kat Hill (Action Chick),
Roberta Munroe (Sundance award winner),
Dr. Travis Langley (Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight),
Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes (ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining),
Crix Lee (CEO GirlGamer),
Alan Kistler (Agent of S.T.Y.L.E),
Nic Baisley (Film Snobbery),
America Young (Stan Lee’s World of Heroes),
Tai Fauci (Whole Day Down),
Jeff Hardy (F84 Studios),
Dane Storrusten (Soulcake Creative),
Jen Landa (“Miss Death Star”),
Victoria Schmidt (Expert Costume Designer),
Amy Ratcliff (IGN)
Elisa Teague (Cupcake Magazine)

Connect with Kristen and the Geekies, where all saavy Social Media-ites congregate:
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Twitter: AND
Facebook: AND

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