Sheryl Lee Joins Vampire Mob Season 3

Sheryl Lee, possibly best known as Laura Palmer on the cult series Twin Peaks, has signed up to appear in the third season of Joe Wilson’s indie TV series Vampire Mob. In addition to Twin Peaks, Lee returned as Laura Palmer for the theatrical film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and has since starred on the shows One Tree Hill and Dirty Sexy Money while guest-starring on such high profile series as Desperate Housewives and House.

Vampire Mob stars John Colella as Don Grigioni, a hitman who decided to become a vampire as it was a good fit for his nighttime-based job. Reamy Hall plays Don’s wife, Annie, who became a vampire when Don got hungry. Marcia Wallace and Rae Allen star as Annie’s mom and Don’s mom, respectively. Kristen Vangsness, Chris Mulkey, Retta and Vincent Guastaferro, amongst many others, are also part of the cast. The show was created by Joe Wilson, who is also the writer, director and producer and is primarily viewer-funded. Fan-sourced indie TV, the only way to go!

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Vampire Mob season three COMING SOON!

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