Have Spoonfeedas Just Revived The Art Of The Music Video?

I have been reading a few things lately about the fall of MTV as a music video channel and the death of music videos as a truly creative art form. To a large extent, I believe that to be true. Seminal videos such as Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film”, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” are now viewed as classics of the form, but there has not been anything in a very long time that has come close to advancing videos as works of art or challenged anyone to take another leap forward. Don’t get me wrong, folks like Madonna and U2 still understand the importance of video for a band, especially in the age of the Internet, and they are still doing some interesting things. However, even then it still seems to be a matter of style and flash over substance and, well, fun.

All that has changed for me as today I was alerted to a new video by the South Africa band Spoonfeedas. “Attack of the Hadedas (Fear)” is from their upcoming third album Spoonfeedas – The Movie. Indie production company Outland Films made this short and they did an extraordinary job. For me, this video not only harkens back to the original days of anything goes video making, but also manages to reverently poke fun at music videos, cheesy horror flicks and even the band itself while looking like it was made on a shoestring budget. In short, it is beautiful and perfect. The song is pretty great as well. Here’s a band trying to do something interesting and new without forcing anything and the result is an audio-visual treat that hasn’t come along in a very long time.

Watch the video and then be sure to bookmark the band’s official site. You’ll want to check it regularly to stay up to date on when their new album is out, when and where they’re touring and whatever else they get up to. I’m a new fan and you will be too!

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