Previewing Fringe‘s Brave New World

What in the world, or is that alternate worlds, or new worlds is going on with Fringe?

Thankfully Fringe has been picked up for a 5th and final season of 13 episodes. But will that be enough to explain even half of what was thrown at us this season, especially last Friday night in the penultimate episode, “Brave New World: Part 1”?

Now we’ve got even madder, as in crazy, scientists, interacting observers, the possible death of a series regular, maybe two deaths, and dinosaurs. Dinosaurs! Plus we have the return of William Bell. Yes, Leonard Nimoy returns in the flesh, not a hologram, no old film or voice overs – in the flesh.

When the cast, along with Executive Producers J. H Wyman and Jeff Pinkner, were at Wonder Con they swore to the audience, and the press, that they tried to get Nimoy to come back, but he was retired. Well played. I believed every word.

Check out the epic trailer for “Brave New World: Part 2”. Beware — more surprises and spoilers.

Final episode of Fringe Season 4 airs Friday, May 11 at 9:00 PM