Celebrate Christmas On Eureka, Warehouse 13 And Haven


This is an episode that could really only happen on Eureka. Things get rather animated in the little town of science as a situation gone awry makes everyone see themselves and the world in decidedly unreal ways. What is especially lovely is that not only do we cycle through cutting-edge CGI, Looney Tunes-esque frivolity, claymation stop-motion nostalgia and anime kawaii-osity, but each segment reflects the tone of its particular cartoon genre. Very well written and lots of fun, this standalone holiday episode is joyful to watch.


This is It’s A Wonderful Life done artifact style as an accident on the Noel Aisle causes Pete to make his way through a world in which he was never born. More importantly, we say what’s become of Artie, Myka, Claudia and Warehouse 13 without him. This is not only a heart-warming tale about family, but provides a tantalizing “What If?” scenario featuring a different team in charge of saving the world from artifact-induced hanky-panky. What until you see who’s in charge! A triumphant standalone episode that will make you grateful Pete and Myka met Artie.


Have you ever been annoyed at Christmas Specials that are obviously filmed in the middle of the year, but try to pretend it’s December? That’s minimal compared to the frustration Audrey experiences when the Yuletide decorations start going up around Haven in July. Worse still, everyone seems to believe it is actually Christmas Eve and are well aware that it is summer. Troubled hijinks at work? You bet, but it isn’t anything that you or Audrey suspects. This is probably the coolest use of a Christmas theme in television and is a gift of an episode.

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