The Best Board Games To Come From Video Games And Apps

If you have an iPhone or a HTC, you are sure to have downloaded many gaming apps, from Angry Birds to Cut the Rope. If these are two of your favourite games, then you might be excited to learn that these games now have an exciting range of merchandise such as board games and t-shirts.

Angry Birds is one of the most popular gaming applications in the world for the iPhone, HTC and iPod. Costing only �0.59, the game comes with constant upgrades to unlock new themed levels, from festive Halloween and Easter games to football and fantasy themed levels. Online games such as Words For Friends, Rock Band, Party poker and Angry Birds, are a great way to pass the time during a long journey, but are also good ways to hook up with your friends online and play against each other on your laptop or mobile phone if you are on the go. But now, you can play the Angry Birds game for real with the Angry Birds construction board game. Once a player has picked a card, they have to construct the image they see using plastic wooden planks and small plastic pigs which hide between the planks. You then place an Angry Bird in the spring-loaded catapult and aim for ultimate destruction! A truly entertaining game.

If you are more into the Japanese card collecting game, Pokemon, you can now catch your own Pokemon with the Poke-shell game. As you know from the cartoon episodes and the video games, a character can capture Pokenon using an empty Poke-shell and throwing it at wild Pokemon. The shell breaks open and sucks the creature inside. Pokemon fans can now re-create this iconic scene with the plastic Poke-shell game. You simply throw your shell towards your Pokemon toy, and when it hits the ground, the spring loaded shell cracks open and captures the creature. This is aimed for children, so they can pretend to capture their Pokemon figurines and plush toys.