Eureka Season 4 Ends On A Creative High

“ONE GIANT LEAP” Airs Monday, September 19 at 8:00 PM on Syfy

The day of the launch of the Astraeus mission to Titan has arrived and everything is going much like you would expect things to go in the scientifically dysfunctional town of Eureka. Black holes are appearing randomly around town, but don’t seem to be affecting the countdown or the crew at all. That’s got to be good, right? Not so fast, as the countdown clock reaches the end something happens…well, no spoilers here. Actually, there is a confluence of events at the end of the episode that will leave you shocked and a little breathless. Several familiar faces make an appearance in town, a couple of relationships are affected in monumental ways, an old, dear “friend” is lost to us in a rather permanent way, another friend says their goodbyes, and the twist at the end might just shake up a few lives, depending on the outcome. The season began with an unprecedented event that forever altered the show. While the closing minutes don’t forebode something as tumultuous as a reorganization of space/time, the after effects and fallout may be just as monumental. And of all the outstanding moments in tonight’s episode, I have to say there is one moment of real humanity from Wil Wheaton’s Doctor Parrish that may just be the greatest single moment of his career. No joke, it brought a tear to y eye.

When a series has been on the air for over four years, it’s incredibly satisfying to see a season with its strongest episode yet and that’s just what happens on tonight’s season finale. “One Giant Leap” is written by series creator Jaime Paglia and packs more action, emotion and character development in one hour (OK, 41 minutes after commercials) than most shows do in an entire year. The best thing is nothing feels rushed, overly complicated or shoe-horned in. This is a tremendously well written and superbly paced episode and definitely leaves you wanting more. I just hope that Syfy doesn’t make us wait until July for the start of the finale season. Well, I take that back, I do hope thy make us wait as I’m not ready for this show to end. Eureka keeps getting stronger and more creative with each installment and it really does not feel at all like the series has reached its peak yet, not by a longshot. However, maybe that’s the perfect time to step off the stage. At least we have the Christmas episode to look forward to in December and then thirteen final episodes to close out one of the most fun an innovative television series ever produced. Until then, enjoy tonight and let the speculation about the cliffhanger begin!

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